Hey guys, starting to come out of the long winters nap and the biggest project on the list this year is re-doing our patio.

Bought the house early last summer and it has a ground level wood deck that has seen better days, and I am looking into the idea of replacing it with either Travertine Tile or concrete pavers (either would be about 16" x 16" square)

I would go with the normal installation route of 4"-6" of compacted crushed gravel, and then a 2" sand bed prior to laying the pavers.

My question is, I've seen a lot of threads online about using the 1/2" thick Travertine tiles (outdoor rated) and I really like the look of those compared to the concrete pavers out there.

Anyone have any real world use out of these things? They do make a 2" thick Travertine paver but are insanely expensive!

Would they heave and crack under the wisconsin freeze thaw cycle?