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Thread: CiruPool RJ 45

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    CiruPool RJ 45

    I am having my liner replaced after 20 years (been a good one) and am converting to a SWG at the same time, I ordered a CiruPool RJ45. All the specs look good for it and I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with this SWG. Thanks

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    Re: CiruPool RJ 45

    I assume you are in Australia? I've never heard of it "stateside". Why that brand and model?

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    Re: CiruPool RJ 45

    I think you mean CircuPool.
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    Re: CiruPool RJ 45

    The shape reminds me of CompuChlor but it looks like different unit.

    Funny how they write:
    Good cells have thick plates and at least 24 layers of the special coating that causes the chemical magic. Also, good control modules are heavy. They have large transformers and big heat sinks
    First part is not true, as plate thickness is irrelevant. Number of coats plays it's part, but there is more to it than just that, and 24 is definitely not the magic number, it can be lower. Depends on how the material is going to be used.

    Good control modules don't have to be heavy. They don't have to have transformers and large heatsink either.
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    Re: CiruPool RJ 45

    Thanks for the responses. I have not received the SWG yet, I will check it out and post any useful information if there is any. I am in the USA, eastcoast state Maryland. Hopefully I did not make a bad choice. Thanks again.

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