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Thread: new pool owner...a few questions about re-filling pool and other things

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    new pool owner...a few questions about re-filling pool and other things

    Hello Everyone!

    I'm new to owning a pool, house we purchased had one and it was decently maintained, but when we did the walk through I grabbed a sample of the water and took it two different places..both suggested to drain and re-fill the pool due to the high amount of stuff in it (can't remember). We drained it anyway to have the rocks and waterfall/slide re finished. Draining it was going to be a sure thing anyway. So i'm currently refilling the pool...heres some info:

    In-ground in Las Vegas, NV
    16,000 gallons
    Irregular shape
    Pentair 450 with new filter cartridges
    Single pump for skimmers and filters
    Booster pump for waterfall/slide
    Mechanical timer

    We have a few things going on: guests are coming to town next weekend and my wife would love for the pool to be "open" by then; I'd also like to maintain the pool myself and am sold on getting a Taylor Kit..either 2006 or TF-100, but I know it won't get here in time.

    I guess my questions are:
    1) Would it be horrible to have one of the big name companies test the water and give me some results to start with so I can get the pool usable by Saturday, March 19th?
    2) We don't have a heater in the pool nor have solar...we are considering those but in the meanwhile would like to use a solar cover...I've read about the solar disks, the solar cover (trim to fit), and liquid solar covers. Does anyone have suggestions on which way to go for long term heating and user friendliness?

    Thank you all in advance! I'm hopeful that we can have many awesome years of pool ownership!


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    Re: new pool owner...a few questions about re-filling pool and other things

    So you have already drained and refilled the pool? You water is clear right?

    Do not bother with the Pool Stores.......they will cause you more harm than good. I am willing to bet they are the reason the water was so off in the first place!

    You need to measure your pool the best you can. Break it up into part and do it that way. Share your results here and we can help you figure out your pool size.

    I have a link for you. It is Pool Math. It can be overwhelming at first but once you play with it you will fall in love with it!

    Take a few mins. to look over it........note the area where you can change the % for the chlorine/bleach (FC=Free Chlorine). Also look at the bottom of the Pool Math for the area to change to method used......change that to TFP.

    Now here is a link to the whys and hows of TFP. It is a lot of info BUT so worth it. It will save you SO much money and your water will look like a jewel if you use this to take care of your pool instead of the pool store.

    Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry

    Now where to get the stuff for your pool.......Walmart or Target! Neat huh? Do not buy anything other than the bleach and CYA for right now. We do not know if you need it yet.

    Pool School - Recommended Pool Chemicals

    For when you get the good test kit.

    Pool School - Recommended Levels

    You MIGHT be able to find a Taylor 2005 at your pool store BUT it is not THE one you really need. It is missing some of the major tests we use BUT it could get you by until your good test kit gets there. You want at least a Taylor 2006 or the TF-100. The TF-100 is a much better test kit as it has more of the tests that you use on a daily bases.

    Here is a link to show you want to do to your pool each day. After you get into a routine it will go fast and be oh so easy!

    Pool School - Basic Pool Care Schedule

    Make sure to keep a log of your tests as you will start to see a pattern with your pool and make things even easier!

    I hope I have not overwhelmed you but if you want it safe to swim in right now THIS is how to do it------get a test kit, add what is needed for balanced water, jump in and enjoy!

    TFP Moderator 33x52 round AG 25,600 gals Sand Filter 1.5hp Pump - 2 Speed, SLAM, Pool School, Recommended Levels, Recommended Chemicals, Pool Math, Chlorine/CYA Chart, TF-100 Test Kit

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    Re: new pool owner...a few questions about re-filling pool and other things

    Specific to heat... most prefer the cut to size blankets and they work fairly well to reduce water / heat loss overnight. In your market, the solar blanket is also a great way to reduce water loss to evaporation, so I would suggest it.

    It's difficult to know what someone's preferred swim temp is, so "warm enough" is a preference question.
    COMPLETED BUILD THREAD - 15'x29' rectangular offset shotcrete pool; 14,100 gal; 5'x7' raised spa with 400k btu fire feature; 7' spillover; 25' leuder stone raised bond wall w/waterfall; Pentair SWG; Pentair VS (pool); Pentair 3/4hp feature pump; 1hp spa blower; Pentair Cartridge filter; Pentair “Easy Touch 8” wireless; Dolphin Oasis Z5 robot; Solar Hydronics iSwim solar panels; Mansard Screen Enclosure; walnut travertine deck; 1 very happy kiddo.

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    Re: new pool owner...a few questions about re-filling pool and other things

    Check your local Lowes for solar covers. My local one here in Orlando was closing out some old ones and I was able to pick up a 16'x30' one for $38.80 and trimmed it to fit my pool.

    28' long x 14' wide by (3.5' shallow ends, 4.5' 1' into pool in middle, 4'9" at main drain) deep in-ground pool plaster surface. Hayward Super Pump C48L2N134B1 1 1/2 HP, Hayward Star Clear Plus Cartridge filter C1200. Jandy Caretaker 5-port. Tf-100 test kit

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