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Thread: Upgrading my Small Intex Pool

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    Upgrading my Small Intex Pool

    I have a very small (15 X 30) Intex metal frame pool. Tiny, but it keeps me cool in the Texas heat. I am getting ready to set it back up for the season and want to make some changes. As last year was my first time owning and operating a pool, I feel I have learned quite a bit (mostly from following the awesome advice found on this site) and I am ready to take the next step to upgrade using the materials I currently have.

    Current Set Up:
    My current set up came with the crummy 500GPH pump/filter combo. Halfway through the summer it started to give out and I ordered a 1000 GPH pump/filter combo. Turns out the original 500GPH wasn't really crapping out, it just sucked! So I modified some things and was able to run them both.

    Current Mods:
    Original wall outlet by original hose to the 1000GPH pump, returned to pool over the wall by original hose connected to PVC with adjustable ball switch for fountain and spigot.
    Original inlet was switched to become an outlet, connected by hose to 500GPH pump, back to pool over the wall with hose connected to PVC dropped to the bottom of the pool for circulation.
    Both the 500GPH and 1000GPH pumps use the 1 1/4 inch intex hose.

    Desired Changes:

    I want to add a skimmer and upgrade my hoses/inlets/outlets.
    My hope is that the skimmer will cut down on the amount of floating materials (bugs, leaves, etc), thereby reducing my maintenance, and I would like to be able to use a vacuum connected to one of the pumps (instead of the battery operated vacuum I currently use).

    Seeking Help With:

    I am seeking help with what changes I should make and what methods I should use for making such changes. I know there are many options available and I would like to know what suggestions and experiences my fellow Intex folks can offer.

    I am willing and even hoping to upgrade the inlet/outlet size on the pool itself (as the original inlet has a small leak anyway) and I am not afraid to cut into my liner, so I welcome suggestions for what materials to use to upgrade those with. Should I go with the bigger Intex fittings or is there another brand that is out there that might work better?

    I am also willing to cut into the liner to install a through-the-wall skimmer, and I don't mind using the over-the-wall skimmer by Intex either.

    I do not desire to run the pumps parallel. I would like to keep them on separate loops.

    I guess it all comes down to plumbing and fitting sizes, as well as placement of the skimmer. The current pumps run on the 1 1/4 inch hose, but I have ordered the Intex B adapters (if I need them for any changes). As mentioned above, I currently have a combo of flex hose and PVC, and I would like to keep it that way if possible.

    All ideas and suggestions are welcome! Thanks so much

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    Re: Upgrading my Small Intex Pool

    Hello Round Rock and welcome to TFP. You'll see many such threads on that topic here. But to get you started, take a look at these two videos:
    INTEX pool with PVC plumbing - YouTube
    Intex Pool Upgraded Hard Plumb, Pool pump, Sand Filter, and Salt Water Generator - YouTube
    We'll check back in with you to assist further. Nice to have you with us on this gorgeous day.
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    Re: Upgrading my Small Intex Pool

    Welcome to TFP!

    You can do with the original fittings, or you can add in the normal above ground pool fittings similar to the hayward sp1023 with the hayward sp1419. You would also need one of these for each of the fittings to adapt to the 1-1/4" hoses.

    I would also suggest you find at least a 1500 gph intex pump or larger if you are wanting to use a suction vacuum. The filters you have now are "draw through", where the water from the pool goes through the filter before being pumped back to the pool. The larger pumps are designed to push the water through the filter instead.
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    Re: Upgrading my Small Intex Pool

    Charlie_R will those fittings work with the Intex hoses?

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    Re: Upgrading my Small Intex Pool

    I also have a small intex pool and my favourite upgrade is the intex sand filter. It makes the water so much clearer with less hassle than cartridges, has enough power to run a skimmer and only have to run it for 3 hours per day for perfectly clear water.

    I run it through an over the wall skimmer and one of the mid wall connections for great water flow. Pump is also plenty powerful enough for a vacuum. Came with better and larger hoses too

    I kept the original filter/pump combo and run that on a seperate line for a solar heater I built
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    Re: Upgrading my Small Intex Pool

    Yep, lots of happy intex owners on TFP who have upgraded to the intex sand filter.
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