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Thread: New and needs lots of help!!!

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    New and needs lots of help!!!

    Hi my husband and I bought a foreclosed house last August and it has and uncovered 24 ft above ground pool. The pool has no pump or filter (both were jacked before we bought the house) and it does have a blue cover that kinda looks like bubble wrap -- not sure if its a winter cover or solar cover??? Anyways, we want to get this pool up and running asap but are completely unsure of where to start. The liner has two 12 - 14 in slices in it which we patched up witha kit. it has a bout 2 ft of (nasty brown leafy) water. We went to Litehouse pools and they werent too much help. We would like some advice on cost cutting tips and what chemicals to use without someone trying to "make a sale". We have no idea what shocking your pool and putting in bleach and algae blockers are...and do not know where to get the most cost effective supplies!! Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
    Above ground pool - approx. 14,000 gallons - no pump or filter!

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    Re: New and needs lots of help!!!

    Hi and welcome.

    I suggest you read the articles in Pool School, but before that start with the BBB for beginners - the link is in my sig. Then read everything a second time, and it will all begin to sink in. We were all beginners at one time, don't worry about feeling overwhelmed.

    Before you add water to your pool, try and scoop out as much solids (leaves, gunk) with a leaf net/grabber as you can. If they didn't leave you one you'll have to go buy it. Not much point trying to balance the water until you have a filter/pump to begin circulating it. Did you buy a filter/pump?

    BBB is the lease expensive method for maintaining your pool, and you can get most if not all of the chems at the grocery store or Wal-mart. And you don't need algaecide.

    Shock is something you do, with bleach or liquid chlorine. Liquid chlorine is sold at pool stores as "pool shock" or it's less concentrated version, clorox bleach-or similar store brands. Read the labels - they will say __% Sodium Hypochlorite. Clorox is 6%, liquid chlorine at pool stores is 10-12.5%. Whereever you can get the best price.

    The bubble wrap is called a solar blanket. Keeps the water warmer, and reduces evaporation and chlorine loss from the sun's rays.
    Helpful links: Pool School; CYA/Chlorine Chart
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