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Thread: ig pool renovation advice needed

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    ig pool renovation advice needed

    I recently bought a forclosed home that had been vacant for over a year. The house is about 25 years old and needs lots of updates. The vinyl lined ig pool is in sad shape. The pool (24' round 4' deep, concrete bottom, vinyl lined ig) was drained and some of the plastic walls have caved in. I emailed pics to local pool proffesionals for advise. Most didn't reply and the ones who did where out of my price range. Quotes where 20k-25k to replace with 18' ig or 10k to fill in. My plans are to get this pool up and running for summer. I have a lot of projects planned for this house and would like to repair the pool quickly and economicaly . I have already cleaned and dug out the collapsed areas and those panels are destroyed. the wall panels are plastic with panel, coping and liner track molded as a single piece. Each panel is attached by a long pin through molded hinges. None of the plumbing was affected by the collapsed sections. Tell me if my plan will work:
    I am planning to set pressure treated 4x4s every two feet in the collapsed area, cut the slight arc on treated 2x12s for bracing and add marine plywood. tying the plywood to the plastic panels with aluminum angle and bolts. The small concrete deck will be removed around the entire pool, cut the formed coping sections off all the panels add new bullnose coping, hang a liner, pour new concrete deck.
    Thats my plan in a nutshell.I will be doing all the work myself. I would like for this repair to last as long as the liner.Hopefully by that time all the other updates for the home will be done and I can devote the time and money for a pool upgrade. Pictures will be added as soon as I figure how to post pics.

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    Re: ig pool renovation advice needed

    Welcome to TFP!!

    While I've never seen the type of pool you have, it sounds like a good way to repair the problem. You've obviously put a good bit of thought into the repair (Please remember to let the backfill settle/ compact before repouring the deck )

    Be careful with the cutting out of the old coping/receiver - any chance of just salvaging the coping from the ruined panels and attaching it to the patches you make? (it might be less work).

    Also, duct tape all the seams, both new and existing and use wall foam (the thicker the better to help hide the seams at your repair areas).

    Be sure about the measurements for the new liner! Make sure the floor is level or fill in any dips and remove any humps -- if you need a little info on this, just ask me 8)

    Good luck with the rehab!!! Hope you're swimming soon (I've done a LOT of pool rehabs over the years and will gladly share whatever knowledge I have with you as you fix your pool - pics would be GREAT!)
    Luv& Luk

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    Re: ig pool renovation advice needed


    I will be very intrested in watching you rehab this pool!

    Where there's a will, there's a way! Good luck! 8)
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    Re: ig pool renovation advice needed

    My line of thinking with this pool is to get it functional. It will be about 5 yrs before I can achieve my ultimate pool plans ( Two kids in daycare, total kitchen and bath remodels etc...) In the meantime something has to be done about this hole in the ground. I believe I can repair it well enough to look decent and be functional with less effort/expense of just filling it in. I have absolute confidence in my construction abilities. I have done major renovations on my last 3 houses but plan on staying in this one for the rest of my life. My long term pool plans involve a new pool that incorporates the view into its design.

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    Re: ig pool renovation advice needed

    WOW, that is a project! Since the stability of the walls is the major issue, and the ground behind it, I'm for pulling it all out and buying a new pool kit, either polymer or steel, and a new liner. I can't reveal what I sell such kits to my customers for, but an 18 round kit, with coping included should be $6K or under. The liner is probably $1300 or under.

    I can't see salvage of fragile, used walls, since they are the key to the pool's long term success. You've also got to consider new plumbing runs, which is labor intensive, but not expensive. Equipment is easy, too. I'm excited about your project, and wish you great success.

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    Re: ig pool renovation advice needed

    I'm on the same page as budster.

    The surrounding soil issues and the complete destruction of the walls makes repairs fall int the "silk purse out of a sow's ear" category.

    I know you can do it but I question if it will be cost effective.

    (That said, this forum (and me....I love DIY stuff) will be your biggest supporters if you decide to go for it.)
    Dave S.
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    Re: ig pool renovation advice needed

    Wow! Good luck with your project

    I agree with Casey, "Where there's a will, there's a way!"

    You will receive lots of support from the members of TFP.

    Welcome to the site
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    Re: ig pool renovation advice needed

    The thing I'd be worried about is the strength of the other panels. If some of the panels have already collapsed, whats to say a few more won't collapse in the near future?

    Good luck,
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