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Thread: Bayside Build Material List

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    Bayside Build Material List

    Hi All,

    Since several people are in the planning stages now for building their outdoor kitchens and I asked me about the cost of my build I thought I would share this info with the group. While I am not completely done I think I have now purchased all the supplies needed to finish the build and thought others would find it useful. I really only have the stucco left to apply to the exterior and a few touch up items. Of course this info is purely informational to help others budget for their build not to start any arguments nor get into a contest of who paid the least for the same item. Please note that the prices below may include shipping charges which I did not break out separately if purchased from an online vendor. Also I did not itemize every part from the receipt since everyone’s exact list will differ based on size of the island etc so in some cases I listed only the major items in the purchase and added the word supplies to be a catch all for pieces such as PVC fittings for instance. I really wanted to provide a broad category for someone to think about and make sure they account for when budgeting. The 3 items that come to mind for this is electrical, plumbing and natural gas piping.

    This is not meant to scare people off from building an outdoor kitchen but rather provide a list of items to think about when planning. Of course prices will vary greatly depending on building materials used, size of island, appliances used etc.

    High level overview of the project:

    Framing – L shaped island that is 13’ by 10’ with an elevated bar area. Used 3 5/8” 20 gauge steel for frame. Required 180 linear feet of track and 238 linear feet of studs and about 1050 Rivets

    Electrical – 50 amp service to a 60 amp sub panel that has 3 circuits. 1 circuit for Hot Water Heater, 1 circuit for internal outlets (3 total) and 1 circuit for external outlets (6 total).

    Plumbing – Hot and cold water to 2 Faucets. 1 sink with drain.

    Natural Gas – Service for 5 burner gas grill & double side burner

    Exterior Finish – 17 sheets of ¼” Hardie Board for sides, top and compartments, 4 sheets of ½” Hardie Board for bottom with Trex feet, about 900 Hardie Board screws, 65 square feet of 3 cm granite for counter top and bar. 3 sets of Stainless doors and rollout trash bin

    Appliances – 38” 5 burner Jenn Air Natural Gas Grill, Cal Flame natural gas double burner side burner, Propane recessed side burner for large pots and a Danby stainless refrigerator.

    From this:
    [attachment=1:213tfvn6]2009_02_05 015 (2).jpg[/attachment:213tfvn6]

    To this:

    [attachment=0:213tfvn6]IMG_0154 (2).JPG[/attachment:213tfvn6]
    I have made more progress than this picture shows however it is raining right now so I can not take an updated picture. When I get a new one I will replace this picture.

    With this materials list:
    • Date Purchased Item Purchased From Receipt Total
      7/26/08 Jenn Air 5 Burner Grill Head Lowes $639.00
      12/10/08 Recessed Burner Texas Pitcrafters $995.00
      12/10/08 Cover for Recessed Burner Texas Pitcrafters $295.00
      12/22/08 Stainless Sink & Drain Ikea $26.361/1/09 Plumbing Supplies Ace Hardware $4.86
      1/4/09 1000 Stainless Rivets Ebay $99.85
      1/6/09 Danby Refridgerator $279.00
      1/6/09 30" * 19" Double Doors $289.00
      1/6/09 2 21" * 19" Single Door $352.00
      1/6/09 Rollout Trash Bin $332.00
      1/9/09 6/3 w ground Wire 58' Rexel Southern $92.00
      1/10/09 Gas/Water Plumbing Supplies Lowes $42.51
      1/16/09 Stainless Fridge Trim & Vents BBQ Island Inc $197.75
      1/23/09 Metal Track and Studs Rinker Building Materials $182.82
      1/25/09 Trex 2*4 12' & screws Lowes $41.26
      1/25/09 1/8" Drill Bits Lowes $4.94
      1/29/09 12" Flat Angle Brackets Hodges Brothers $84.29
      1/31/09 1 Sheet 1/4" Hardie Board &
      Misc. Supplies Lowes $27.74
      2/5/09 Tankless Hot Water Heater Ira Woods & Sons $190.97
      2/7/09 Stainless Self Tapping Screws Ace Hardware $15.18
      2/12/09 Metal Track Rinker Building
      Materials $4.19
      2/12/09 Sub Panel / Wire 50' 14-2
      Conduit Rexel Southern $59.59
      2/13/09 4 Sheets 1/2" Hardie Board &
      Saw Blades Lowes $59.24
      2/17/09 Trex 4*4 Post Lowes $32.02
      2/19/09 Metal Track Rinker Building
      Materials $12.56
      2/24/09 Faucets Ikea $383.18
      2/25/09 Calflame Double Side Burner Quality Fireplaces $490.17
      2/26/09 100 Stainless Rivets Ace Hardware $6.99
      2/26/09 LED Lighting Berkeley Point $148.41
      2/27/09 Electrical & Gas/Water Plumbing
      Supplies Lowes $102.88
      2/27/09 Stainless Faceplate for
      Light Switches $17.90
      2/28/09 GFCI Breaker &
      Electrical Supplies Home Demo $59.82
      2/28/09 PVC Supplies Ace Hardware $9.24
      2/28/09 3 Sheets 1/4" Hardie Board &
      Plumbing Supplies Lowes $50.31
      3/1/09 Gas Plumbing Supplies Lowes $22.99
      3/2/09 Electrical Outlets Lowes $9.56
      3/5/09 Electrical Supplies Lowes $5.45
      3/6/09 Sillcock & PVC Fittings Ace Hardware $6.02
      3/7/09 Water Shutoff Valves Ace Hardware $26.46
      3/7/09 10 Sheets 1/4" Hardie
      Board & Stucco Supplies Lowes $229.39
      3/17/09 Grill Cover & Rotisserie Kit The Grill Services $129.98
      3/17/09 NG Quick Connect Gas Hose &
      Gas Fittings Lowes $58.94
      3/18/09 Outdoor Stainless Light Switches Schurter Inc. $55.08
      3/19/09 3 Sheets 1/4" Hardie Board &
      Screws Lowes $53.57
      3/20/09 Granite Stone Exclusive $2,942.00
      3/20/09 Sink Drain Supplies Lowes $17.33
      3/20/09 Cement Glue and Stucco Tint Gatlin Lumber $52.03

    Total $9,236.83

    I will continue to update this thread if I end up needing any other supplies.

    I hope this helps others with their planning. As I said earler prices will vary for each build.

    Let me know if you have a specific question on an items or would like more details on the list of material used in my build.

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    Re: Bayside Build Material List

    I will try to fix the formating of the list when I have a minute not sure why it took all the tabs out.


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