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Thread: DIY Island 2 questions - Flooring and "concrete glue"

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    DIY Island 2 questions - Flooring and "concrete glue"

    I'm in the middle of my island construction project and all is going well. Pretty simple built, steel stud, grill and doors. I have two questions I wanted to throw out.

    1 - What have people used as the "floors" in their islands. I have a separate compartment for the propane and need a floor for that. I also also have the main storage area under the grill itself which will be accessible via the stainless doors. Any ideas? What are other folks doing?

    2 - I'm planning on using cast stone fur the surface, and I am going to adhere that to hardi-backer board (per numerous thread discussions), These threads mentioned a "concrete glue". Any more info as to what I should be looking for at the local hardware store? Not sure wheat concrete glue is.


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    Re: DIY Island 2 questions - Flooring and "concrete glue"

    Hey Nibeck,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Question 1. I used 1/2' Hardie Board on the bottom of mine for a floor. I think most everyone else that I have seen has used it as a floor for theirs as well.

    Question 2. Concreate glue is an adhesive that is applied to the Haridie Board prior attaching a material to the surface. It helps the material stick to the hardie board and provides a good bond. It is available at lowes and HD in gallon jugs. Quickrete is a brand of it. I suspect Sakrete offers it as well.

    Hope this helps. Also post some pics of your progress on your build.


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    Re: DIY Island 2 questions - Flooring and "concrete glue"

    Brad, thanks a lot, that helps a lot. I'll post some picts as soon as I can find the time to move the project forward.


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    Re: DIY Island 2 questions - Flooring and "concrete glue"

    Brad is 100% correct! I also recommend the use of Trex cut into square blocks as feet for the Island. You want that air space under it. Islands built directly on a slab will disintegrate over time due to electrolysis. I have seen them decay in 5 years. So, to protect your investment, elevate it with feet.
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