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Thread: Navigator is dead, good excuse to move on, but to what?

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    Navigator is dead, good excuse to move on, but to what?

    Yay! I seriously despise the Navigator I have, and now it is dead and falling apart. The thing would be stuck on something unseen every morning, probably a spec of dust. Also, as the filter became clogged with debris, the suction would drop, and the Navigator would just not move.

    I have no desire to rebuild it. So...

    I'm looking for suggestions on its replacement. Do I go with a pressure or suction side device? I'm want something that "just works" for a change.

    Here are my details:

    22500 gallons
    Dedicted suction line for cleaner
    3 returns PLUS waterfall run by the same pump (2HP)

    I'd like to keep the price to about $500 if possible.

    Thanks for the suggestions!
    22,500 gal Pebbletec pool
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    Re: Navigator is dead, good excuse to move on, but to what?

    I've no complaints with my Polaris 280. It cleans circles around my previous Viper.
    15,500 gal, inground gunite pool with 7 ft spa, 2 speed pump 2hp/.33hp, 3/4 hp booster pump, Intermatic P1353 timer, AutoPilot SC-48, Sand filter with ZeoBest, Heater, that I never use . . .

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    Re: Navigator is dead, good excuse to move on, but to what?

    I believe the 280 is pressure side.

    For suction side, "The Pool Cleaner" seems to get a lot of love. I know nothing about them. However, my pool builder says the one they sent him didn't work very well and when he tried to get support, they didn't respond or help him, so he threw it in the trash

    My experience trying to reach them with a few pre-sales questions mirror that experience, so I will be getting another clearner myself. I'm debating between the said Polaris 280 and it's Pentair counterpart, the (Letro) Legend Platinum, both pressure-siders.
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    Re: Navigator is dead, good excuse to move on, but to what?

    I didn't wait for my navigator to give out before replacing it about a year ago - It would constantly get stuck on my antivortex covers . I gave it away and bought a 2 wheel Jacuzzi brand pool cleaner from It is identical to the pool cleaner, but less expensive - although since Jacuzzi no longer makes them, my warranty is likely worthless. Parts are the same as the pool cleaner's - but I haven't needed any in the year I've owned it.

    I couldn't be happier - this cleaner doesn't get stuck on anything, and keeps the pool spotless. It will or won't climb the walls, depending on how much suction I allow on the cleaner line - I have it turned down so it doesn't climb. I figure I get better skimming this way, and I don't have dirt on my walls anyway.

    Call me crazy - but I'd rather spend the $200 on this thing, or try some other suction cleaner, before switching to a pressure side cleaner. Nothing against them, but that would have cost quite a bit more scratch between the cleaner, booster, electrical and plumbing.
    18k gal inground, everbrite finish, 505 sq ft; 1.5 hp two speed whisperflow; rheem 5100ti 100k btu heat pump; 3 sheer descent falls; DE filter; swg (cell out and using trichlor for now)

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