101 uses for a swimming pool?


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Aug 26, 2009
SF Bay Area (Lamorinda), CA
Just returned from vacation on Saturday and have spent the past few days in BBF (Bleach,Brush, Filter) to evict the algae that squatted in our pool during our absence. I've definitely spent way more time *around* the pool than actually *in* the pool thus far this year (although much less "around" time than in years prior to joining this forum) so I thought I'd see what *other* uses folks have for their pools besides swimming. A few things ours has been used for include:

1. Beverage cooler - when hubby is doing yard work in the pool area (including digging a drainage trench or installing drip irrigation tubing), he'll partially submerge his 1-liter Nalgene of dilute gatorade on the pool steps so it stays cooler.

2. Rodent catcher - our pool has caught more rodents (maybe one or two mice or voles per year - I think they figured that the bubble cover was a good place to hide out from a local owl) than our cat has.

friends of ours refer to their pool as "the earthquake water supply"

any other ideas?


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Jun 12, 2010
i call mine the "bug catcher". its been so dry around here the only place to get water from is my pool... im willing to share but some never make it back!!! gone to the skimmer :jocolor:


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Nov 5, 2008
Mine is a bird attractor. They really like to take baths in the upper levels of the waterfall when it is not on. Doves and cardinals, mostly, occasionally a Carolina wren or titmouse. And, then there were the vultures.


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Aug 20, 2009
North Central Texas
Window blinds washing. (not often - no soap)

Big blue doggie water bowl.

Doggie daily baths. (They deposit so much dust, silt, sand in pool many times a day, after playing in our "dust bowl", rolling around in it, and digging in moist dirt, what little dirt that comes off me doesn't count. :mrgreen: )

Summertime bathtub, for me, with scrubby gloves and Dr. Meyer's almond soap for body and hair. (only a couple times a week - almond castile soap is much less stress on water balance than sun lotions)

Foot bath; no soap but stiff brush. (often)

Cool-er-off-er several times a day when working outside in 90-100+ temps. (I wear little, light weight, rayon dresses all summer, that stay damp for cooling in heat, but without being heavy - dry pretty fast.)

BTW- Pool stays clean and sanitary because I keep on top of it. Pump runs 21/7 with suction cleaner and/or Aquabot running several hours a day. Big 80 sq ft filter cleaned every 7-10 days. Pool Skim catches most of doggie hair and a lot of dust, all bugs.


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