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Thread: A new product I ran across and thought you might be interest

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    A new product I ran across and thought you might be interest

    I ran across this product while surfing the net and thought some of you might be interested.

    I have an inground cleaning system which I think helps tremendously with the circulation of my pool. I'm thinking this product could turn any pool return system into a better circulated and cleaner pool, much like an inground system.

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    How does this affect the circular motion of the water? I thought that you were supposed to have all the jets pointed one way to get a circular motion of the pool water. Is that to just aid in the circulation, which would not be needed with these devices? I wonder how well the skimmers will work if this circulation is not there.

    It does make since that you get better dye dispersal with these devices.
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    Ok, I'm a bit confused how this device makes filtering faster.

    Water filters at the flow rate of the pump, and this device just churns up the water.

    The old "Gimmick Sense" in tingling !!!

    Might be good for dispersing Bleach faster though

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    I have used devices similar to this in salt watet aquariums for increased circulation and they have clogged with calcium deposits and stopped working in a short time. I suspect the same thing could happen in a pool. IF your pool was not well designed and does not have good circulation they might be useful but a good daily brushing will accomplish much the same thing, IMHO. I would also be concerned on how much backpressure they intorduce into the system. From the video on their website it looks like it aerates the water quite a bit. This could cause pH to rise.

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    Waterbear, I assumed the air was added so you could 'see' the flow in the videos... Or perhaps the returns really do add the air to give the illusion of higher pressure and flow?

    I think swimming daily would accomplish the same thing for free!! If you were that worried about circulation when adding chems, you could do as someone else suggested and brush it in!

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