1. F

    Jandy JXI & PDA issue

    Recently had a “ Fault - High Flue” error on my Jandy JXI , bought a new Flue sensor and installed it. Error wouldn’t clear so i cleared it out by holding pool, menu, spa button for 7 seconds, go to load defaults , finished , error cleared. Manually verify heater starts up no errors and runs for...
  2. D

    Brand new Zodiac MX 6 trouble -WTH?

    I just received a new MX6 to replace a prior vacuum that was pretty beat up. I hooked it up exactly as instructed and exactly like the prior vacuum. Filters are clean, no debris, each section of the hose has suction, but there is absolutely NO wheel movement Unless I turn the RPM’s up well over...
  3. M

    Repairing Zodiac EI SWG

    After massive rains Zodiac SWG is displaying "Output Fault" error. I disassembled it, but do not see any damaged elements. I'm curious if anyone can advise me please what I need check to return it to life.
  4. sag365

    AquaLink Z4 Controller

    Hello forum, Have had a Aqualink Z4 controller for about six years. No issues until the other day when I noticed the pool pump was not running. Went to the controller and saw the controller only showing the text "TRi-Pure" and the time (see pic). Tried a few things, nothing. Called Zodiac, was...
  5. J

    Zodiac T5 Duo questions

    Hi all My pool floor is covered with dust and silt every morning; worse after rains and winds. A zodiac electric vac has been useless. Normally I use a Polaris 280 and that typically works ok for the average day. Particularly heavy dust-falls needs a manual vacuum. Just a normal vac hose on...
  6. R

    Zodiac eXO IQ LS 18 and iAquaLink Problem

    Hello from Austria, maybe anyone here can help me with my Zodiac iAquaProblem: I have a Zodiac eXO IQ LS 18 with build in iAquaLink support. After installing the Zodiac I was able to get the iAquaLink connection up an running following the manual. After three weeks iAquaLink stopped sync with...
  7. M

    To much salt in pool ....question

    Hello again all! Posting this to help my neighbor with a new pool that he just had built. The pool is 37'long x 19' wide, it goes from 3'6" to 6'6"ft. deep. It has a 11'ft x 8'ft. baja shelf and the pool builder is trying to tell him and is adamant that their pool is 29,400+ gallons!!!! I did...
  8. S

    Zodiac MX6 won't reverse

    Hi, I have a MX6 that has been working fine for the last 4 years plus. Recently I noticed that the tracks have been worn off and one side always came of the wheel, so I decided to replace with new track tyres. After replacing the the track tyres, now the unit would not reverse and keeps getting...
  9. daddydolge


    Hi everyone! I think I screwed up and will try to make the back story as short as possible. I have an AquaLink RSA panel with 2 Jandy JVA2440's to control between the pool and spa. One of the Jandy's were acting up so I took it off and put the handle on the valve so I could manually switch it...
  10. dclynds

    Polaris 9550 Sport Troubleshooting Help

    My Polaris 9550 sport has not worked properly for about 9 months now. It starts a cleaning cycle ok, but after one or two times of climbing the wall, reversing down, and turning to start another forward swath, it stalls out for about 5 seconds, then starts driving backwards until it goes up the...