tripping breaker

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    2005 Sundance 850 Marin pump 1 function questions & other small issues

    Hey all - first time poster here. I have done quite a bit of scanning, and I cant find the answer to my question so I figured I'd start here. I am new to this 2005 Sundance - picked it up for free in Denver "working" but leaking a bit. Got the leak fixed with a new pump fitting, but now I've...
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    Breaker Trips - New Pump, New Breaker, Working Fine until Tropical Storm Henri

    I am having trouble finding the source that causes the breaker to trip. Prior to the storm on Friday, upon learning that 6 inches of rain were expected, I ran the pump to backwash, rinse, then waste, to lower the water level by about 4 inches. I left the pump off and the waste hose connected...
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    Over heating/tripping breaker

    So my pump is hot to the touch ,it turns on for about 3-5 seconds and seems like it’s gonna keep going but it trips breaker. I changed the capacitor and breaker is fine. My question is I left the robot vacuum going all night after the pump turns off at night( it’s in a timer). Would this do...
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    Breaker tripping

    Been having problems with the breaker tripping randomly over the last year or so. Replaced the capacitor a year ago on the booster. The breaker continues trip randomly but not consistent enough to pinpoint. Replaced the breaker for the one that seemed to trip the most. Had an electrician come...
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    Pump Shutting Down (Pump Shudder)

    problem described in detail below.
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    Heater tripping breaker

    I had a mastertemp 400 that would turn on, blower would turn on, would blow cold air, the. Cycle 3 times and give a service heater light. I flipped over panel, no error codes. Opened front panel and fenwal has no light. Changed fenwal and it was blinking 3 times, ignition issue. Checked igniter...
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    New impeller now tripping

    Hi All I was given a summer waves/polygroup cartridge filter pump. Had it a for a month. Didn’t work great so I inspected it and it needed a new impeller. Replaced it today and boy does it move water. However, now the built in gfci trips. First I had it plugged into a protected receptacle which...
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    Pump Trips Breaker

    Hi everyone, I had a 2 year old 1.5hp 230v pump that started to trip the breaker every time it was turned on. The pump begins to spin, water begins to move, and within about a second, a small audible poof/pop electrical sound can be heard, and the breaker trips - I haven't been able to...
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    Hayward EcoStar VSP continually tripping circuit breaker

    I have a Hayward EcoStar variable speed pump, model SP3400VSP, it is 5 years old, continually shutting off, usually tripping the circuit breaker, but not always. After resetting the circuit breakers, it will restart, but the time before shutting off again has gotten shorter and shorter, 3 day, 2...