1. veneanz

    Trees on retaining wall

    Does anyone have trees by their pumps? I’m starting to think this was a bad idea. The PB never talked us out of it.

    Help Seeing This Work

    Good Day Everyone! New user, first post. So please, bear with me. Background; My wife, kids and I are soon to be moving back to our Eastern NC property from Northern VA. We are transitioning from a larger 3500 sqft home to 2000 sqft. Our family has grown and to mitigate the insanity of being so...
  3. joyrox

    What type of trees can I plant by my pool? I live in zone 7a (Nashville, TN)

    Show me your pool landscaping photos!! lol I'm loosing my mind over here trying to figure out what to do. I'm thinking of putting in a hedge of Sprinter boxwoods around my entire pool. I will have enough room on the far end to put a row of shrubs behind the boxwoods to give me some summer color...