1. D

    Melting Waterline Scale away... using Bar Keepers Friend as a paste.

    After several failed attempts to clean my waterline with a pumice stone as well as acid, I found a succesful method using Bar Keepers Friend. This requires lowering your waterline a few inches. I used Bar Keepers Friend and water to make small batches of paste. I slathered the paste on about...
  2. C

    I have tiles in my pool, what pool type should I select for my profile and Pool Math ?

    Hi everyone, My pool has green tiles but I don't see "tiles" as an option for pool type; I only see vinyl, plaster and fiberglass. Out of these 3 options, which one should I select that most resembles pool tiles ?
  3. M

    Tile separation above waterline?

    A bunch of porcelain tiles have separated from above the waterline in my faux infinity edge pool. What’s the best way to repair? Marine epoxy? Thinset? Do I need to grind out the old thinset first? Waterline is usually around the 3rd tile down. Pool is 6 years old. We were in the big Texas...
  4. K

    Black Algae Above Waterline

    I have a 10,000 gallon fiberglass, salt water pool with tile at the waterline. I don’t have any issues in the pool, just stubborn algae in the silicone that holds the tiles. I’ve tried scrapping is with a razor, spraying chlorine, chlorine tablets. Nothing works. In the first couple years I had...
  5. T

    Step Tiles

    We are doing blue surf pebblesheen. We live in NC so I’m concerned about using a glass tile for a step marker. We are going to avoid. What suggestions or combos have you used for regular tile for step and bench markers that will stand out? Thank you for your insight.
  6. P

    Concerned about coping quality and color

    Hi there, I’m building a pool in Austin, TX and over the past 3 days the majority of the tile and coping was completed. The coping I picked out was light grey and the installed coping appears to be a variety of colors from light cream to light/medium tan. They all appear stained. Is this normal...
  7. K

    Tile trouble

    Just wondering, for those in the construction phase, are you having any trouble sourcing waterline tile? I’m being told there are all kinds of shortages due to covid and/or Texas weather emergency. I’m in Canada so that seems to be adding to the problem. I’ve chosen two different tiles, each...
  8. P

    Full tile on steps and cabo deck? Thoughts? Pros/Cons

    Hi there! Wondering if anyone has fully tiled their steps and / or their cabo deck or baja shelf. If so, how do you like it? Is it slippery for kids and older adults? Also, what types of tile or stone material would you recommend? Looking for pros/cons and everything in between. Upload your...
  9. Ya-Man

    Tile and grout/caulking apart

    Need help with trying to fix an issue where my flexible tile is needing some repair. We just bought the house so we are new pool owners. It looks like repairs have been performed in this area in the past. The previous owners are not willing to provide help (karma). What should I use to fix this...
  10. a–guy-with-a-pool

    Exposed rebar above skimmer basket

    Hi Folks, Moved into our current house in November; noticed a few weeks ago that there is a tile missing from above one of the skimmer inlets. With the tile gone, the rebar is rusted and exposed. As far as I can tell, it's been this way since we've moved in (I haven't found any loose tiles)...
  11. S

    Tile leveling in new pool build. Is this done wrong?

    In the process of building a pool and the builder is currently installing the waterline tile. They installed the concrete coping and ledge stone on our waterfall feature wall before the tile. My question is would you expect that the bottom line of the tile would be level on the waterfall feature...
  12. B

    Pool / spa tile repair in Philadelphia, PA suburbs

    Hi, I lost a bunch of tiles in our attached spa last year during the winter. I’d like to get the spa re-tiled. I’m having a hard time finding someone. Any recommendations on someone that can replace the tile on an attached pool spa in the Philly area ? Thanks!
  13. Mgvandewark

    Tile/Stone Crew Fired

    Moss rocks were delivered to our home yesterday. Today when the tile/stone crew arrive they tell me the cement guys messed up and made the outline too big. They will have to fill the waterfall/groto area with cement to make the steps for our slide coming off from the side of the grotto. I call...
  14. C

    Loose tile and cracks

    Perhaps I'm wasting my time and should just have my pool resurfaced, but I'm not there yet. We had to drain the pool to fix a crack in a bench area. That has been done and patched. Not a perfect match but I can live with it for now. Wife says we'll die in this house so I'm fine with it. :)...
  15. D

    Water running through stone and out of pool

    Hi, the pool is finally complete and full of water. The issue I am having is that the water spilling from the spa into the pool is running through the split face stone and onto/over the coping. It is happening on both sides but one side just falls into the pool. I am meeting with the PB in a...
  16. L

    Pool tile advice

    I live in LA and just put in a pool. My house is modern/ mid century modern and the pool is rectangular with a spa in one corner and a Baja step beside it. I need to choose tile and I am really struggling. I don’t really want to pay for glass and am afraid of it falling off and don’t even...