1. C

    Pump replacement recommendation

    I am new to this forum and are in need of guidance. I have a approximately 1994/1995 Sta-Rite DuraGlas pump Model #P2RA5D-120L with a Cerntury/AO Smith B2852 3/4hp. The motor needs to be replaced and am considering a whole new pump. The filter is a Posi-FloII model # PTM100. Iam looking at the...
  2. RBEmerson

    Pentair SuperFlo err 0021

    (There a two threads about 0021 errors, but TFP policy basically says "no necro posting" Thread number 3 follows) OK, first time listener, first time caller. My Superflo is also giving err 0021's. I pulled the 5 pin connector, squirted contact cleaner, put the plug back and... no change. The...
  3. A

    Syncing Pentair Superlo VS pump with existing Pool Heater

    I bought a house last year with an 18,500 gallon inground pool. My pump just died and the local pool shop recommended the Superflo VS. Will this pump be able to sync/communicate with an existing pool heater so that I don't risk the pump shutting off in one of its programmed cycles while the...