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    Vacuuming technique question

    I have a 15' above ground pool and following a week of intense storms, my chlorine levels dropped and the water became milky. I shocked the pool and used Leslie's UltraBright Advanced to clarify the water, with the expectation that I would be able to vacuum the muck. It;s been 10 days and I just...
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    Pool a Swamp after rainstorm and runoff

    guys quick help needed Live in Georgia, yesterday we had a freak rain storm - had a lot of runoff into my pool - I have a SWG - my levels this AM are horrible - before the rainstorm pool has been perfect. Currently : FC - 0 Salt 2500ppm PH - 7 Calcium 175 also pool is a swamp - many leaves at...
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    Arizona Dust Devil Cleanup

    Hey All, Two dust devils came through the exact same spot in our neighborhood today 2-3 hours apart, and both hit our house and yard head-on. It ripped tile shingles off the roof and deposited a bunch of sand and debris in the pool. What a mess. I don't even own a vacuum attachment, as my...