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    Tile, Coping and Stonescapes

    Hello! I am restoring my old gunite pool. I am in the final stages on selecting tile. I am using NPT cobblestone and hope to pick a grout that is similar in color for a uniform look. I am leaning towards StoneScapes regular pebble French Gray. I like uniform and clean looks and lines. I like a...
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    Abalone Shells

    Hello, My husband and I are leaning towards getting Stonescapes Aqua White for our pool that's under construction. Our NPT pool guy has agreed to add in some beads to the mix, but not abalone. I found these shells online (link below) and was wondering if these are the same ones that would be...
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    New pool build

    Hi, Almost done with our first pool build and boy what a headache. I’m here hoping to gain some knowledge so I can pick a pebble color. We want zero green/teal/turquoise tint to the water. Hoping to achieve a very true blue. Leaning towards French gray (probably touch of glass to get it darker)...