1. A

    Opening AG pool, this is new to me

    Hi all, first time posting and newish to pool ownership. I have a 28000 gallon AG vinyl pool with sand filter, 1.5hp pump. My pool water temp is about 60. It’s time to get my chemicals going to stop the algae bloom I had last year. I leave pool uncovered all winter and run the pump at night...
  2. N

    Pool replaster

    I need help. We just remodeled our pool and had it replastered. When the water was filled in the jets were turned on and we discovered there was a huge crack in the pipes allowing dirt and rocks to shoot into the pool. They fixed the pipes and came to clean the pool. Dirt and rocks were still in...
  3. J

    new fill water after resurface test results - Help

    Ok. pool finished filling at 11pm last night. i turned on pump and gave a light brushing. this morning i tested with my new taylor k-2006 kit. here are the results as best I know. So far, i have put nothing into the pool. What do I start with? I 've heard you don't put chlorine in for 48 hrs...
  4. J

    Need advice on new resurface mini pebble startup & chemicals

    hi, finally getting my Sylvan pool resurfaced from old plaster to mini-pebble stonescapes aqua cool. We also had sea turtles added on the bottom and an umbrella stand/turtles on the deep end bench. They start filling pool on Thursday. What do I need to put in right off the bat? Do you have to...
  5. T

    Small irritating pump leak

    Hello, guys, I am trying to open the pool myself this summer, I have been having this leak since last year as well I just never found a solution, just a small leak at the pump ring and no matter how i try to move the pump or ring around it doesn't stop the leak
  6. R

    Cracks on plaster or gunite?

    Entry deleted
  7. CombatVet13

    Gunite pool Arizona brand new start up.

    Good day all, Day 3 after pool company came to start up my brand new pool. (Details are in my signature) I believe they did an acid start up. I have three 3” chlorine tabs floating. Water is clear, ph is ideal level. However I’m not registering a chlorine level. How to proceed? I look...
  8. A

    New pool, can I add salt now?

    My pool was installed over the winter here in New York, so after the brushing phase, they closed it without adding any of the salt, and said they would do it when they opened it this spring. They came out at the beginning of last week and opened it and cleaned it, but because they were “busy”...
  9. E

    Overwhelmed new pool owner

    Hello! We just bought one of those Summer Waves above ground metal frame pool. It's a 16x48 and currently filling up as I type. I feel so lost as to how to get it started with chemicals. The only experience I have with water chemistry was when I kept betta fish a few years back. I'm hoping we...
  10. P

    Omnilogic startup question

    For anyone that has configured an Omnilogic, I have a question. On a new build, do I have to wait until my pool is full to power up and start configuration of the panel? I wanted to start the configuration early, but I am not sure if it is ok to do so. Does anyone know? Thanks for the help! Troy
  11. chadducote

    Newly Renovated Pool Start up.

    Hey everyone, I am seriously loving this site and all the great advice. We just finished our pool remodel and had our pool replastered and we are in the process of doing a start up. I know many people on here don't like Leslies pool so I took my water to another store, as well as Leslies. I...