startup chemistry

  1. C

    TFP method compared to Orenda method, and process to transition from Orenda-startup to TFP

    My newly built pool is set to be plastered tomorrow, and polished/filled the day after. The PB is hiring a 3rd party startup company to start the pool up for us, and they utilize the Orenda method for startup and cover the first 5 days of startup. Because of this, I wanted to educate myself...
  2. D

    New Plaster - Acid Recommendation

    Hi all, I just had my pool resurfaced with Noble's Designer Series aggregate (Marina Cay). The guy who did the job (the boss) recommended that I put 4 gallons of muriatic acid in right away, and brush it very well, 2+ times a day. I was planning to brush, and I was planning to generally follow...
  3. G

    Order of operation

    I’m thoroughly confused. I have an 16x32x52 Intex ultra frame with the sand filter/swg. Different advice all over the place. I want to know when I add salt, chemicals to balance, backwash, turning on the pump, turning on the swg. Some people say salt first, others say salt last after you’ve...
  4. A

    Help understanding test results and whether to turn on my swg

    Hi, I have an 18 x 9 intex pool running a 1200 gph sand filter and intex swg. I filled the pool earlier this week for the first time. The salt finally dissolved yesterday and i turned on my SWG. My free chlorine got up to 4 yesterday so I turned it off. I'm trying to figure out if I should...
  5. R

    New to chlorine

    Hi! Newbie here! I’ve been reading up trying to learn about the BBB method and the chemistry/balancing of pool water. I have a 18ft round above ground vinyl pool approx 6000 gal. It’s got a sand filter. I used to use Baquacil but this yr changed to BBB method. I got a Taylor K2006-C test kit...
  6. EzriJax

    Pool in limbo-new liner, water delivered, then....nothing

    Hi! Brand new member, and new to pool ownership. In fact...the pool isn’t even finished yet. We bought an “as is” property in July that came with a derelict pool, if you want to call it that. Here is what it looked like in July: By September, we finally got the pool repaired, and the liner...
  7. P

    Newbie: Calcium Hardness in a Minipebble Coated SWG pool

    Hi Everyone, 1st post here so go easy .... :) I did already search the forums and found a lot of varying information. I have a 13k gal SW pool and the Taylor test kit that includes salt water testing. I'm fine with all the tests, and have everything in normal, except for my CH is 250, and...
  8. CarefreeTee

    Old Pebble Tec pool needs to be drained

    We will be re-re-tiling our pool deck at the end of the month. Need to drain pool for about one week due to anticipated mess. I could not find a thread for pool startup on used pebble-tec (not a new build). Also, It’s still hot here (Carefree AZ). Tile guy says pebble tec not at risk for one week.