1. MWave36

    Conflicting "experts" and The Mystery Stain

    Hello all, I'm a wanna-be do-it-yourselfer trying to figure out if I should (or even can) de-stain my 1,560 ft3 fiberglass pool or paint it. Here's my dilemma: First, what the heck is this? This pool has been empty...
  2. M

    My plan for iron stains

    I keep getting iron stains. Spot treatment with Ascorbic acid takes them off, then they redeposit. Rather than sequestering every week, I’m thinking of just using my pool water to water my lawn (which I need to do anyway), and refilling my pool with fresh water, thus exchanging a few hundred...
  3. S

    Pool stain

    Hello, I'm new to owning a pool and have frequented this forum for maintaining the pool after having an algae breakout. I've gotten a test kit and been trying to keep the right levels. I have been ignoring the pool and just running the SWG chlorine at a good level hoping it would run the pool...
  4. Briar

    Stain Removing: Cloudy Blue Water Stage

    Briar here. I am deep in the process of an ascorbic acid stain removing process for my 20k IG, Indoor plaster pool. Tested the steps with ascorbic acid in sock and had some fading. I bought the house 7 years ago and the pool was in atrocious shape. A local pool co. did a pretty thorough...
  5. J

    Should I Dump My Water?

    Hi all, I had a stain that I couldn't remove from my pool wall, and after doing a Jack's Magic Stain ID test I determined that a Jack's Magic "O2 Safe Shock & Stain Solution #2 Treatment" should work. I went ahead and did the treatment about 10 weeks ago. Oh boy am I regretting it! The...
  6. T

    New to plaster IGP and struggling

    I've had numerous above ground pools, with no problems. Our IG plaster was filled last week. The fill water looked green and the sides are now stained light brown . The builder suggests I throw in a couple of bottles of Stain Away and a bottle of Jack's Magic*. I've done enough reading to know...
  7. S

    Are these algae or stains?

    I’ve got these for a couple of weeks now. It’s only two places in the entire pool surface. Are these stains? If so, course of action? Big thank you!