1. G

    Hi. New User w Large Swim Spa

    A friend told me about TFP so I am trying it out. I have a divided Swim (2050 gal) / Hot Spa (275 gal) that both have Master Spa Ecopure Copper Filter, UV, and Ozone (mast3rpur). I want to better manage sanitizing using this app. One thing I do notice is there is no selection for using a...
  2. P

    New build - spa losing water

    We have just had our pool start up and we noticed that when the system (pump and filter) is on, water was weeping out of the raised spa through one of the small pipes on the side. The company speculated that the jet was clogged, so they sent a technician yesterday to remove and replace all of...
  3. J

    Spa draining into pool

    All, I seem to be having a fairly common issue of the above pool spa draining into the pool when the pump is off. Water does not go below the return jets. I’ve checked the check valve on the spa return and it looks fine. Spring still works, O-rings intact. I moved both return and drain on the...
  4. V

    New Spa build with Pentair Ultratemp 120

    Hello everyone, We are in the process of having a pool and spa built and have been offered a Pentair Ultratemp 120 for heating the spa (7'x7'). We live in San Antonio, TX- so winters aren't harsh and our lowest temps average 40F and only for a few days at a time. I have read a lot about using...
  5. S

    New to forum

    I am new to the forum, my pool and spa is about 6 years old. No significant issue to date, but have annoying issue with by Pentair Screenlogic app - The spa will turn via the app, but not turn off with the app. Any suggestions. Also what function does the eggtime serve on the app?
  6. S

    Question about stopping reverse water flow

    I have a typical Florida pool/spa setup. In the spa I used to have a water feature which I didn’t care for. It causes uneven flow back into the pool. It was screwed into the floor of the spa via PVC. I removed it and at night when the pump stops, the spa level drops by half. Is there a type of...
  7. U

    Hot tub controller? What is this?

    Hi, our in ground hot tub has this busted controller that is recessed into the ground. It’s never worked since we purchased the home. Most likely it’s 18-20 years old now. Is this a part that can be replaced? If so, where can I find it and what’s it called? Also, the inside of the pipe it sits...
  8. U

    Jet replacement in gunite spa

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to replace a broken jet In our in-ground gunite spa. I found the part I think I need to replace here CMP 23315-030-000 1.5 in. MPT Gunite Spa Jet44 I have never replaced a spa jet so not sure if this is all I need to replace or how to go about replacing it...
  9. johig

    SWG Output for Attached Spa

    I have an attached (raised) spa with a spillover to the main pool. All equipment is shared between the pool and spa, with a single variable speed pump. When the pool was completed and set up, the SWG was set to run at 25% with the pump in "pool" mode but only 1% with the pump in "spa" mode. - Is...
  10. J

    Spa return jet question

    I think I have what should be a fairly easy question for the TFP forum. My spa has 5 returns. Appears the eyeball jets or whatever go there crumbled/deteriorated away over time with the previous owners. Question is; what are the appropriate / intended fittings to go here? I’ve found a couple...
  11. K

    Filter pressure in pool vs spa

    Hello, I have an inground pool with an associated spa. I am wondering if anyone has ever experienced the filter pressure tripling when the spa is isolated? This is a new issue so I thought I needed to backwash my system. After doing so, when I open all valves (pool and spa) or isolate the pool...
  12. SCope345

    Spa Size

    We just broke ground and are now under construction! We decided on a 10ft diameter spa.... it looks massive :oops:. Is this too big? What is the average size spa? How many people can we expect to fit in a 10ft round spa? TIA
  13. B

    Pool / spa tile repair in Philadelphia, PA suburbs

    Hi, I lost a bunch of tiles in our attached spa last year during the winter. I’d like to get the spa re-tiled. I’m having a hard time finding someone. Any recommendations on someone that can replace the tile on an attached pool spa in the Philly area ? Thanks!
  14. awpoll

    pool equipment list

    I have received my pool equipment list and I want feedback from you all. In reading on this forum it seems that a variable speed pump on the pool is the best pump. My PB called and told me that Jandy has been having issues with the VS Pumps which is why he recommended the Jandy FloPro 2.0...
  15. MarineroC

    Small Pool/Spa for vacationers & us

    Greetings from island Rab Croatia, Looking forward to find and share valuable information with those interested. Started a month and a half ago with digging on our pool/spa that is also for our guests as we also rent, currently completed with steel rebar and setting installations in place. Have...
  16. J

    Spa blower Help!!!

    I have a in ground spa, I want to add a blower too it, it didn’t have one to begin with. I thought I knew how to add one, I put a blower in line with the spa jets and add a check valve but no bubbles, what am I doing wrong?
  17. bxcrwlly

    Misplaced Spa Calculations For Reducing Chlorine Using Hydrogen Peroxide

    I seemed to have misplaced my once received from the forum, guidelines on how much Hydrogen Peroxide to use in my spa to reduce chlorine to a tolerable level around 3-5ppm. I did a bit of online research and found a few articles one of which talks about 2 ounces Hydrogen Peroxide for every 100...
  18. T

    In-ground Spa Air Venturi In-take

    Hello All, I am the 2nd owner of an in-ground pool/spa installed about 6 years ago. I wasn’t given too much information on the pool/spa from the previous owners. The pool is roughly 10,000 gallons and the spa is another 1,000 gallons. The main pump for the in-floor cleaning system also runs...
  19. P

    Best way to heat spillover Spa?

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a house that has an inground spa/pool. The spa, when the pump is on spills over into the pool. It came with a solar heating thing, and I was able to fix that (replaced leaky pipe on solar line), but after fixing it, the hot tub doesn't seem to be getting hot...
  20. G

    Chlorine before Yellow Out

    Hi all, Thanks for the forum.......really appreciate the ability to ask questions here. Have two issues but will start with this one. When I first bought the house (with the pool and spa) it has mustard algae and yellow out did the trick extremely well. This year I didn't know I had water...
  21. J

    Hot Tub Filter Run Time

    Hi, My brother has just bought an Intex inflatable pureSpa. 795 litres. As the family “pool guy”, he asked me how long he should run the filter for. It’s a cartridge filter. I checked the manual and it does not mention an optimum running time, only to clean the filter every few weeks...