1. G

    New pool/spa bubbles don't come out of jets unless you first blow into the air tube

    Wondering if anyone has any ideas here. Maybe very unique problem. Brand new pool spa, 16,000 gal, salt, pebble, 6 jet spa, single 1.5HP Superflow pump, all Pentair equipment. When switching on the spa, the valves rotate the jets start pushing out water and some air. After some amount of time...
  2. Sam8407

    Sun Exposed Plaster!

    Hello everyone, I have an infinity spa in my pool that is getting the outside tile redone. In order for this to be done they have drained the spa so water spill over does not interfere with the process. My question and what is worrying me: How long is it safe for the exposed white plaster to...
  3. K

    Spa with Black Mold

    New pool owner. Pool started Oct 2020 filled May 2021. We have just enough dampness in the yard on the spa side to cause that side of the pool to raise up due to the clay expanding. The pool builder thinks the dampness is coming from something other than the pool. I’m assuming the new build...
  4. D

    Monolithically Poured 8 x 12 Spa?

    Hey Guys, I'm not a pool professional but I do hope some of you might be willing to chime in with some much-needed guidance. I'm building a house in South Carolina and am in shock as to what they want for gunite there. I've contacted a number of companies and the numbers I'm getting for a...
  5. P

    Creating a "Spa Low Jets" setting on Pentair Screenlogic 2

    Is there a way to create a circuit in Screenlogic that mimics the "Spa" circuit, but just has a lower pump rpm? Right now my Spa setting sets the jets to 3450 rpm and has lots of bubbles in the spa. Sometimes I'd like to keep the heat going and not have the bubbles. Ideally, I would create some...
  6. H

    In ground spa jet replacement

    I need to replace my 20 year old spa jets. One has come apart, and the others don’t spin. I assumed you take them out by unscrewing the knurled ring, but the are stuck and I’m afraid I will break something if I keep at it. Any help appreciated. Thanks!
  7. G

    Spa heating only

    Hi, I’ve been following this website for a good year or so and finally opened up the pool myself this year. We bought our house that had this pool with spillover spa about 3-4 years ago. The heater went the first year and finally just got it replaced this year. I know there’s a way to heat the...
  8. E

    Wiring for Homeline 50 Amp 2-Space 4-Circuit Spa Panel Main Lug Load Center

    Can anyone send me a photo of how you have your wiring for a sub-panel to a spa? My electrician used a breaker from old time spa hookup and it doesnt work. Now I have a breaker/box that will work but I need a photo to show me what lead goes where.
  9. E

    Hot Tubs... Bullfrog vs Caldera (with salt system)

    After nixing the in-ground spa idea we are now looking into hot tubs.. former Vita Spa owner (it leaked, I couldn't seem to fix it.. loved that spa otherwise)... we are looking at either Bullfrog R7L or Caldera Seychelles... We really want the soft feel of salt (our pool has an SWG so we are...
  10. N

    Spa gurgle sound at air intake?

    Hello. Brand new pool just finished (owner build). We just got our spa jets hooked in and noticed a gurgling sound at the equipment pad. Enough to notice while in the spa about 60 feet away. Pentair vsf running at 2500 in this video: Is this a normal sound? Can it be reduced?
  11. I

    What to use for replacing grout above tile?

    Hi, The grout between tile and coping in my gunite spa is falling apart. I want to repair it but don't know what to use so it can last and withstand the harsh NJ weather. The space between top of the tiles to coping measures between 1.5" to 2". Some of the cracks are 1" wide (see the photos)...
  12. J

    Spa SWG help

    Hey all, First post here! My spa specs are below: Hotsprings Flair 335 gallons FC - 15 CC - 0 TA - 70 CH - 200 CYA - 100 pH - 7.5 salt - 1700 ppm Temp - 99° So here is the scenario. I've used the TF pro kit for my SWG pool for a while and it works great. We just got the spa 2 months ago...
  13. P

    Pentair EasyTouch4 Spa Feature Circuit

    New pool, first time post, thanks in advance. I just had pool/spa redesigned with all new Pentair equipment; EasyTouch4, Intelliflo VSF, Mastertemp 400, Intellichlor IC40, two Hayward PSVs. I wanted my pool contractor to add a Spa Low feature circuit but nothing he has tried works; the valves...
  14. Pool-Lounger

    Spa Spillway Design - too late to correct this PB mistake?

    Hello, We're in the build process and our large free form spa was designed to have a "negative edge" spillway into the pool. The plan was to tile the surface of the spillway (top), and stone veneer the entire outer wall of the spa. This will be a salt water pool with a separate spa pump. The...
  15. S

    New Build Quotes and Equipment - Feedback Welcome

    We have gotten a couple of bids for a new pool. We have not fully decided which we will choose or even if we will build right now (prices are insane). I've learned so much on this forum, I was hoping that some of you can take a look at these two different designs. I included diagram and pic...
  16. A

    Fiberglass spa fittings

    Recently my crew and I completed the initial pool start up for 2 fiberglass pool/spas both of the spas are slamming water up the air pipe to the extent of being inoperable. We spoke to our salesman and he told us that the fittings they pre installed in our spas do not have the Venturi effect and...
  17. J

    FC dropping like it's hot (in my spa)

    Hey all, First, thank you for this forum. I've learned a lot! I think I'm also very confused. After having some company for the weekend, I noticed that my FC went to 0. I decided to do a SLAM to bring it back to health. Post SLAM, FC levels (once I started measuring again) went from 12 to 5 in...
  18. D

    1500 gallon standalone spa--how long to run single speed pump for filtration?

    Hello all, this is my first post! I have a 1500 gallon in-ground spa. The pump is a Challenger 2 HP (model CHII-NI-2FE) which runs through the filter and powers the jets (same circuit). There's also a waterfall pump that can be diverted to the jets but bypasses the filter. I'm fairly new to...
  19. H

    Dichlor Shock and CYA Buildup

    For the past year or so, I've done sanitation and shock in my 500 gallon tub with Bromine and MPS mixes. I've recently shifted from MPS to a dichlor-based shock. Since my shocks are typically no more frequent than weekly, should I have any concern of CYA buildup? I don't do any CYA testing...
  20. T

    Spa Draining With the Pump Turned Off

    I have spa that sits above the pool. With the pump turned off, the spa is draining and sitting right below the jet returns. Is there a leak?
  21. N

    New Spa/Pool owner - Sprung a leak at the SWC

    Hi all, I recently inherited a fiberglass spa with our new house and this forum is a serious treasure trove! Helped me get where I am, a pump motor replacement and good water chemistry. I finally got all up and running and on our third use of the spa, I went back down to the basement to turn...
  22. T

    SPILLOVER HELP - Grind/Cut/Sand

    I have 2 spa spillovers made with travertine stone. The water will not sheet unless I cut off pool circulation and put all of my 2.65 hp pump to spa return. On one it still sticks sticks to wall. I know I need to do some grinding and smoothing of the stone. I wanted to know what is best tool to...
  23. S

    Issue with a Mastertemp 250 temperature reading. Have already replaced all sensors, still stumped.

    I have already replaced all sensors and the thermistor twice, so its not those. So the problem is when the heater is not running the temperature of the actual spa and the heater unit are the same(working). As soon as the heater begins running, the spa temperature will begin rising and the...
  24. H

    Crew adding concrete to spa walls

    On Friday the crew applied a LOT of cement to the exterior walls/shell of our spa. Now it seems really thick and uneven in places. I have no doubt they will make the size the same all the way around, but haven’t been told why it was done and if it’s normal. I’m worried about future separation of...
  25. K

    Spillway needed or not with Magic Falls on spa wall?

    I’m in construction and everyone says I will need a spillway for my attached spa. Won’t the spa water blend/filter with pool water through the drain/infloor? One of the spa/pool walls will have a magic waterfall going into the pool. I can add a spillway on the other wall but prefer not to if...
  26. B

    Pool Lighting questions

    Hello, I have 120V lighting for my pool and spa. I have a few questions regarding how to convert to 12V for safety reasons. I do not have a transformer. 1) The spa and pool lights are turned on and off from my controller separately, Does this mean I would need 2 transformers to continue to be...
  27. B


    Good afternoon I am a brand new pool owner that is stuck in pool development. I have a large hole in my yard with travertine installed and that’s where the work ended. I ordered an 88 inch spillover spa and for past 3 months my builder has been stringing me along for delivery of this spa. The...
  28. P

    Lap pool or spa only?

    HI, my backyard has a 45 degree decline and in order for us to construct a pool, we have to structurally build two retaining walls below the pool to hold the surcharge. They are implied in the artist's rendition. One is at the very property edge and goes 6' into the picture. That retaining...
  29. C

    Hayward Heater Issue - Lo error only when in Spa Mode

    Hi everyone. I am a new pool owner (came with the house). It is an inground saltwater gunite pool with an attached spa and it is approximately 10 years old. Last year we had a brand new Hayward H400 heater installed and during the offseason we replaced our filter and salt generator. The new...
  30. M

    Widening Spa Wall/Spillway Depth to Achieve Reverse Negative Edge Spillway

    Hello, I have been visiting this amazing forum ever since we got a pool with our house about 5 years ago. Very helpful, and because of this forum we now take care of our pool ourselves. We are currently in the process of finalizing the remodel requirements for our 90's built pool. We do think...