1. H

    Dichlor Shock and CYA Buildup

    For the past year or so, I've done sanitation and shock in my 500 gallon tub with Bromine and MPS mixes. I've recently shifted from MPS to a dichlor-based shock. Since my shocks are typically no more frequent than weekly, should I have any concern of CYA buildup? I don't do any CYA testing...
  2. T

    Spa Draining With the Pump Turned Off

    I have spa that sits above the pool. With the pump turned off, the spa is draining and sitting right below the jet returns. Is there a leak?
  3. N

    New Spa/Pool owner - Sprung a leak at the SWC

    Hi all, I recently inherited a fiberglass spa with our new house and this forum is a serious treasure trove! Helped me get where I am, a pump motor replacement and good water chemistry. I finally got all up and running and on our third use of the spa, I went back down to the basement to turn...
  4. T

    SPILLOVER HELP - Grind/Cut/Sand

    I have 2 spa spillovers made with travertine stone. The water will not sheet unless I cut off pool circulation and put all of my 2.65 hp pump to spa return. On one it still sticks sticks to wall. I know I need to do some grinding and smoothing of the stone. I wanted to know what is best tool to...
  5. S

    Issue with a Mastertemp 250 temperature reading. Have already replaced all sensors, still stumped.

    I have already replaced all sensors and the thermistor twice, so its not those. So the problem is when the heater is not running the temperature of the actual spa and the heater unit are the same(working). As soon as the heater begins running, the spa temperature will begin rising and the...
  6. H

    Crew adding concrete to spa walls

    On Friday the crew applied a LOT of cement to the exterior walls/shell of our spa. Now it seems really thick and uneven in places. I have no doubt they will make the size the same all the way around, but haven’t been told why it was done and if it’s normal. I’m worried about future separation of...
  7. K

    Spillway needed or not with Magic Falls on spa wall?

    I’m in construction and everyone says I will need a spillway for my attached spa. Won’t the spa water blend/filter with pool water through the drain/infloor? One of the spa/pool walls will have a magic waterfall going into the pool. I can add a spillway on the other wall but prefer not to if...
  8. B

    Pool Lighting questions

    Hello, I have 120V lighting for my pool and spa. I have a few questions regarding how to convert to 12V for safety reasons. I do not have a transformer. 1) The spa and pool lights are turned on and off from my controller separately, Does this mean I would need 2 transformers to continue to be...
  9. B


    Good afternoon I am a brand new pool owner that is stuck in pool development. I have a large hole in my yard with travertine installed and that’s where the work ended. I ordered an 88 inch spillover spa and for past 3 months my builder has been stringing me along for delivery of this spa. The...
  10. P

    Lap pool or spa only?

    HI, my backyard has a 45 degree decline and in order for us to construct a pool, we have to structurally build two retaining walls below the pool to hold the surcharge. They are implied in the artist's rendition. One is at the very property edge and goes 6' into the picture. That retaining...
  11. C

    Hayward Heater Issue - Lo error only when in Spa Mode

    Hi everyone. I am a new pool owner (came with the house). It is an inground saltwater gunite pool with an attached spa and it is approximately 10 years old. Last year we had a brand new Hayward H400 heater installed and during the offseason we replaced our filter and salt generator. The new...
  12. M

    Widening Spa Wall/Spillway Depth to Achieve Reverse Negative Edge Spillway

    Hello, I have been visiting this amazing forum ever since we got a pool with our house about 5 years ago. Very helpful, and because of this forum we now take care of our pool ourselves. We are currently in the process of finalizing the remodel requirements for our 90's built pool. We do think...
  13. S

    Waiting period for heating water after Spa resurfacing

    Hello All, We finished resurfacing and restarting the Spa and Pool 2 weeks ago. The pool and spa cleaning contact advised us not to heat the spa water for a month to prevent staining. He also suggested staining will happen gradually within 3 months of new plaster. We raised this question to the...
  14. B

    Build separate or spillover spa with existing pool?

    Hi there! I’m renovating my new home in Palm Springs, CA, which came with an in-ground pool (gunnite) but no spa/hot tub. We’re looking to add an in-ground spa and wanted to keep it separate from the pool for aesthetic reasons (the existing pool is kind of an oblong pill shape and it would look...
  15. G

    Owner/Builder in Las Vegas

    Hello everyone, glad I have found this web site! I`m currently working on getting a pool built(still getting bids) but would like to hear everyone`s feed back. Please look over the pool/site plan and tell me if you guys see anything I should be aware of. The pool equipment is also listed on this...
  16. P

    Colored Pool Lights now only white

    I just had my pool resurfaced and since the changes, our pool lights only stay white. We upgraded the automation to iAqualink from previously just using a Jandy PDA. Now the pool contractor is telling me that we never had colored lights - that they are just incandescent. My family's collective...
  17. R

    Issues with back pressure in spa.

    Hey y’all!!!! Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend. So. Our new spa and pool has been completed for about 4 months. So far the pool company CAN NOT get the spa to have less back pressure. We have had them out 9 times to fix it. The have tried every Jet that they have and still shuts...
  18. D

    How to configure Pool Math

    When I use pool math for my spa do I label my spa as fiberglass or vinyl? Or does it even matter? My spa is on its own from my pool so it’s a stand-alone cal spa about 425 gallons.
  19. H

    New pool Build, Michigan

    First Timer here, They are about to break ground on the pool/spa portion of my project. Here is the breakdown, does this check out? Gunite pool 44X22 stretched and curved(perimeter roughly 158.5) see photo 3.6-7ft depth. with a 8x8 raised gunite spa. Back raised privacy wall with 3 water...
  20. R

    Please help: Building a Spa any suggestions for a better spa experience?

    Building a in ground pool with spa. Any suggestions on getting a better spa experience? Pump size? Types of jets? Placement of jets? Your suggestions?
  21. C

    Hot springs hot tub used and black flecks (tiny rocks?) immediately

    We just bought a used hot spring spa and there are sinking black flecks (seem like tiny rocks). They don’t disintegrate upon touching. Any insight? Happened before we even got in it but was clean when we loaded the water. They treated/flushed it before delivery. Thanks in advance!
  22. Chgorob1

    Intellicenter Spa setting

    I just replace my old Jandy with an intellicenter that has pool and combo set up. I really like the new system however I have one item unaddressed. In my current set up I have the spa setting to which I can turn it on and off and I can turn the heat to the desired temperature or off...
  23. Bigtymetexan

    Spa Leak *SUSPECTED*

    Hello pool friends! I have a question. I just had my pool/spa completed and noticed on the side far behind my pool that the ground was damp (more soggy the farther you went to the back near the fence). The pic shows where there is wet grass (spray painted). It gets MUCH worse about 35 feet to...
  24. S

    Spa plumbing help please

    Hi, We have done a big renovation, spa spills over into the main pool. The plumbers ran the pipes under a new section of the house and now we have the pipe work to reconnect to our new equipment. Pool has pump, sand filter, chlorinator. Spa has pump, cartridge, heat and chlorinator. As we...
  25. N

    Pool Math app recommendation values for spas/hot tubs?

    I'm a new spa owner following the How do I use Chlorine in my Spa (or pool)? approach to maintenance. I'm also using the Pool Math app to log my upkeep and calculate any chem additions. I recognize the app is mostly for pool use, but is it possible to change a setting somewhere so that the...
  26. T

    Losing Water and I don't know where

    I just bought a house and it came with a Clearwater Spa. We didn't buy the house because of the spa, but it's quickly become my favorite new toy. I drained it, scrubbed it, filled it, leveled the chemicals then a week into owning it, the circ pump died and I had to have it replaced. Now after...
  27. T

    Introduction: Greetings from East Texas

    Hello everyone, I live in Longview, Texas and was introduced to your page by a friend from work. He was right in that there is an amazing wealth of knowledge written in these forums and seemingly common sense approach to pool/spa maintenance. I purchased a project spa that I will have a...
  28. R

    In Dichlor-Bleach Hot Tub, are weekly chlorine shocks necessary?

    As part of weekly or monthly maintenance in a dichlor-then-bleach hot tub, are chlorine shocks necessary (12-13ppm FC, 30ppm CYA)? Or is it just in response to problems (cloudiness, odor, foaming, etc.)? Just getting over some hot tub rash, so I want to make sure I'm dotting every "i".
  29. E

    Pool leaking... had 'leaks' fixed in pool light and skimmers HOWEVER pool still leaking

    Hi all First time pool owner and someone struggling to fix an issue that seems to never end. Also worried I am being taken advantage of by contractors due to my lack of knowledge. A quick background 1) Have a large underground pool and attached spa. Saw that when pump was running the pool...
  30. G

    Hi. New User w Large Swim Spa

    A friend told me about TFP so I am trying it out. I have a divided Swim (2050 gal) / Hot Spa (275 gal) that both have Master Spa Ecopure Copper Filter, UV, and Ozone (mast3rpur). I want to better manage sanitizing using this app. One thing I do notice is there is no selection for using a...