1. mynite

    Closing solar for the season in Sacramento area, CA

    Hi, this is our first year with a pool, completed in Feb of this year. We had solar heat installed back in March. As fall season is coming, the guy that installed our solar has a service where he “closes” solar down for the season. Back in March he said it would cost $200 at the end of the swim...
  2. B

    Solar Heat | New Pool Final Plans

    I will be putting in a new L shaped 27k pool with a surface area of 780sq ft. The pool will get mostly full sun during the day. The plan is to install 13 4x12 panels (2in headers) on my roof which will get me to ~78%. I also went with the 3HP VS Pentair IntelliFlo and Pentair SolarTouch Panel...
  3. D

    Hayward MaxFlo won’t turn on anymore

    I have a MaxFlo on my solar panels heating system. For different reasons, the solar system uses a separate plumbing system than the main one, handled by a different pump. The pump is activated automatically by the solar control system, whenever it makes sense based on air/water temperature...
  4. Chgorob1

    Intellicenter Err message with Solar

    Has anyone familiar with Pentair IntelliCenter know what this err message means? See photo It also shows if I do solar preferred. Does not appear if I select Mastertemp400 heater, only solar
  5. N

    Heating effectiveness of solar rings

    Hi all - We moved a few years ago into a house with a pool, and have learned quite a bit since then! We live in a warm part of California, and our pool sees 10-12 hours of direct sunlight every day. We've used a solar blanket for the last season and a half, and can consistently keep our in...
  6. J

    Solar heat off and won't turn on

    Hi All, My solar heat system was working all fine until recently where it stopped kicking in. Few details: The pump is scheduled to run 9 am to 6 pm every single day and is running fine. It shows the actual speed (Speed 1) instead of showing "Display Not Active" as was usually the case when...
  7. B

    Solar Heat - New Pool Help.

    Hi. I am going to be putting in an in-ground Ell shape pool (750sqft surface area) and want to install have solar heat. Trying to find some resources on distance, panel sq ft, height, heat loss calculations, pvc size, pump requirements needed. Will be running the solar line about 120ft and...
  8. H

    Thermal solar panels AND heat pump?

    Can I have both thermal solar panels (connected to the pump and pipes) and a heat pump for pool heat? Can they both run at the same time? If so, does it matter how they are connected in series? (Water to solar first, then heat pump, or to heat pump first then solar?)
  9. H

    Pool newbie seeking pool heating advice

    In ground pool, 15x35, located in east bay California. (Contra costa county). Broken heater, no solar, no cover, nothing at the moment., Married, kid less than a year old. Wife and I like to host and will want to use pool on weekends. Maybe the occasional dip during the week. A bonus would be...
  10. matthewsunshineflorida

    250+ Degrees Solar Sensor At Night? Global Warming Is Getting Serious...

    This appears to only happen in unusually cold weather for Tampa, but the solar sensor I installed with our new panels is giving out impossibly high readings at night and early morning - whenever the air temperature goes below 50-55 degrees. It's quite accurate during the day (as tested by a...
  11. J

    Questioning my Setup - No Check valve on Solar Apparently

    Over the winter i had some branch fall and damage some of my plumbing. I have a 3 way valve for my solar. The pipe that leads to the solar from this valve was cracked along with the elbow and the valve itself. I ordered a replacement valve and was lining things up and making a list of parts to...
  12. O

    Any feedback on Solar Air Heater to heat the pool?

    I am considering building a solar air heater to heat my swimming pool water. The warm air would be circulated in the heating system instead of pool water. Potential benefits could be: - No issues of water damage like a solar water heater - Low weight compared to water heaters - Does not have...
  13. Shpowell

    Solar reel for 32x16 pool

    I’m looking for a solar real with or without the cover for my 32 x 16‘ Intex pool above ground. Everywhere I checked they’re not big enough or for an unground pool. thanks
  14. D

    Solar Sensor Placement Question

    So i installed the solar sensor on the the same roof face but not thinking i glued it to the supply and return pipes instead of the roof surface away from the arrays and the piping. My question is should i get back on the roof and move it. Do you think the pipe temp will radiate thru the roof...
  15. C

    Automated timer for solar heater based on weather

    I want to only run water through the solar panel when it will heat the pool. If its a dull day or cold I don’t want to run it. I don’t want to have to watch weather each day and manually put on pump when it meets the criteria. Is there a better way? Is there a timer that looks at the outside...
  16. Charlie227

    Hayward Solar GVA-24 leaking. Your thoughts?

    I have a leak in this unit. The leak appears to be coming from about midsection. It is getting worse. What should be my first go to fix? I’ve searched the forums but didn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  17. O

    Has anyone tried a solar water heater in western Washington state?

    Has anyone tried a solar water heater in western Washington state? I am considering FAFCO solar bear 4 x 20. Any recommendations? Thank you.
  18. Cwiggs

    Another solar pool cover for odd shaped pool thread

    Hello TFP, I'm getting ready to buy a solar cover for my pool to help retain the heat at night and extend the swimming season. My pool is an odd shaped "elbow" pool that I usually treat as 2 pools when I measure it. One side is about 18' by 13', and the other is about 18' by 15.7'. I've...
  19. A

    Need guidance on solar panels

    So I live in SW Florida with a south-facing roof that gets prime sun exposure for most of the day. For that reason I'm strongly considering solar panels on my roof to heat the pool and extend my swimming season to as close to year round as possible. I've gotten a few quotes from different...
  20. E

    Solar Thermal vs Photovoltaic + Heat Pump - averaged over whole year (California / Bay Area)

    Our Southern facing roof is covered in photovoltaic panels for household electricity and the Northern roof is covered in solar thermal panels for the pool. Even though the thermal panels are on the north side, the roof gets enough sun to keep the pool warm for about 1/2 the year (shallow pitch...
  21. Cindy Colbert

    Advice needed: plumbing in a DIY ground solar system and later a SWG.

    We bought our home with pool last year (1st time pool owner here) and wow what a challenging yet fun filled learning curve it's been. Due to lots of shade and no heat source installed , last fall I quickly began researching options. Limited funds led me to try connecting several longgggg black...
  22. J

    Easy touch 8 Solar valve opening at night

    Hey all, My easy touch 8 controller seemingly randomly opens the solar valve actuator during the night. The control panel doesn't say that solar is activated, and the solar sensor is well below what it would be during the day. It sometimes happens when I have my cleaner program running, or when...
  23. M

    Looking for Solar Cover recommendations

    Hi all. I know lots of people here think solar covers are disposable, but at least for me, they are not. Mine last a lot longer than 2 seasons. My last one, which is just starting to go is 6 years old. I am pulling out a few "bubbles" from the skimmer a day from it. I keep the cover on 99%...
  24. Jon123

    Solar Install - Pressure question

    Hi all... The previous homeowner had 4 "SunHeater" 2' x 20' panels they left behind, but not hooked up. The system is plumbed for them, so I figured I'd try getting them going again. I did a quick test with a garden hose to see if they were leaking, and the water was going through them without...
  25. E

    SLAM; Solar Cover

    New to pool care. I just started SLAM. I have a brand new, still in box, blue 8 year solar cover. Do I leave it off for the duration of SLAM or is it safe to put it on?
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