solar cover

  1. N

    Please share your pictures of your solar cover reels on oval pools

    We have a 21x41 oval pool. We're going to have a deck on one end but don't want to mount the reel in front of the stairs. Planning on putting in some 4x4s on the deep end and mounting it on those but I'd love to see some more pictures before I do. I've done some searching but haven't turned up...
  2. N

    Solar pool covers - cut to size?

    Hello everyone! Brand new above ground pool owner and first-ever post on TFP (please be gentle!). We are currently leveling our ground and hoping to put up the pool in the next week or two ... very late in the season but we literally just found one in stock at one of our local stores...
  3. Mermaid Mama

    Solar cover strips? Will it work?

    In theory, we think it will work but I don't know what I don't know so here I am to humbly ask if it will actually make life easier with using the solar cover. I am 5'1" so I am struggling to get solar cover on and off our AGP. We fastened some utility on hooks to hold it but it fills with...
  4. fatboy1271

    New Solar Cover

    I had my last solar cover 3 years ago. I loved it, until it started to fall apart and leave little plastic "pucks" in the water. Today I received a new one and I'm pretty excited to get some warmth in the pool so I can swim! Pool was 73° when I put it on. Can't wait to see how well it works. Of...
  5. C

    Use of 2 thick but 1/2 sized solar covers instead of 1lighter one

    I have a 25x48' inground pool . I had a good quality 25 x50' thick solar cover that would get rolled out acrross the entire length of the pool that did a nice job of retaining heat. However it was so heavy that even with the best quality roller it became a 2 person job to roll it up - as such...
  6. J

    Solar pool cover recommendations

    Hey everyone, can anyone recommend a specific manufacturer/model you had good luck with for your solar pool cover? I was told clear and 16mil but a lot of the ones I have been seeing have bad reviews. I don’t mind spending money so any budget you can recommend, thank you.
  7. P

    SLAM with solar blanket on?

    Hello everyone. I started SLAMing my pea soup pool about two weeks ago. At the time my CYA was 20, which though low, was nice to not need as much chlorine, (especially since I've so far gone through about 25 gallons!) I have some trichlor tablets left over (enough in total to raise CYA by about...
  8. RLinger

    Question for users of the DIY solar cover reel

    I was following this thread DIY Pool cover reel Very interesting thread! We have a 30' above ground pool, and I have had a great heavy duty 4" dia. reel that worked great for almost 15 seasons. Towards the end of last season it finally broke, pretty much in the center of the span. I had the...
  9. M

    Easy solar pool cover strap fix

    My solar pool cover straps have been a problem for years - coming unglued from the reel, and half of those stupid clips don’t work. Just fixed them all in about 30 minutes. To attach the straps to the reel, remove the Velcro sections and clean off old glue with a solvent and paper towel. I...
  10. M

    Looking for Solar Cover recommendations

    Hi all. I know lots of people here think solar covers are disposable, but at least for me, they are not. Mine last a lot longer than 2 seasons. My last one, which is just starting to go is 6 years old. I am pulling out a few "bubbles" from the skimmer a day from it. I keep the cover on 99%...