solar cover reel

  1. BarefootRob

    Frankenreel - Solar Cover Reel

    2 years ago I asked a question about reels for a 30' diameter pool, and what reels others were using. I ended up cutting my "old" solar cover into 6 lengths, and would roll each length up and set them out of the pool when we wanted to swim. That was a major pain, but we put up with it for 2...
  2. SorryImaNewb123

    Solar pool cover & reel advice for in-ground pool

    I want to purchase a solar pool cover & reel and had a couple of questions for advice. 1- Blue, Clear, or doesn't matter? 2- I have a 20x40 rectangle shaped pool with ladder (each extend about 1 ft width into pool) on both sides on the 40' sides. Would an 18x40 be a good solar pool cover size...
  3. V

    Solar Cover REEL Storage Question

    I searched this site and Google, but didn't find an answer to this. Sorry if I missed it. We purchased a solar cover this year (about a month ago) to help minimize the overnight heat loss in Spring and Fall. Where we live, we shouldn't need it during the Summer because the air temp doesn't get...