smart switch

  1. megaz28

    Intex 16" Sand Filter Pump (Model SF60110-2) - Bypassing the digital timer and integrating into the smart home.

    Problem: I got the Intex 16" Sand Filter Pump (Model SF60110-2) to replace the small Intex Cartridge pump that came with our 18' above ground pool. The outgoing pump's schedule was controlled by a zWave outdoor smart plug and life was good. Well... the new sand filter pump is equipped with a...
  2. I

    Pool Light - Adding a Neutral Wire for a TP Link KASA Switch

    Hello Everyone, I have been reading through the threads and have found a lot of this information very informative. I am trying to achieve the same result that many members are as well which is running a Neutral Wire into my pool light switch so that I can wire up a Smart Light Switch. I...
  3. B

    Help wiring Smart Wi-fi Switch to Pool Lights

    Hi Folks, I could use some help with how to properly wire a smart switch to my existing pool lights. I'm leaning towards purchasing the Leviton DW15S-1BZ smart switch from amazon - i'm not married to any product just yet. In an ideal world I would like to turn my pool lights on / off via my...