1. J

    Forgot to switch pump to recirculate when adding floc (sand filter)

    I'm trying to clean algae out of the pool. I added algaecide a day ago and just added floc to assist with the process of clumping the particles to the bottom of the pool. After pouring the floc I remembered that I was supposed to put the setting to recirculate instead of filter. The floc...
  2. D

    Easiest way to put sand back in sand filter?

    Haha, so I was replacing my cracked 4-way valve with my new one, and it was stuck on the stand pipe. I ended up accidentally pulling the stand pipe out. Luckily, I own a wet/dry shop vac, so removing the sand took less than 5 minutes. What’s the easiest way to add it back?!? The sand is...
  3. C

    How can I remove air in filter if I open the lid to take a look at the sand ?

    Hi everyone, I would like to open up the filter to take a look at the sand and see if its loosened or clumped together. If I remove the lid, should I remove the water to check the state of the sand ? Also how do I remove the air that will get in the filter once the lid is opened ? Once I close...
  4. J

    Getting Sand in Pool, brand new pool

    Hi All, I'm brand new to the world of pool ownership. Last summer, mid July, I had a 24' ABG pool installed. From day one, I kept getting small amounts of filter sand accumulating in the bottom of my pool. Silly me, I thought this may be something to do with everything being new, a break in...
  5. C

    HELP, I don’t know if I have mustard algae or sand in my pool and I’ve tried EVERYTHING to kill it if it’s Mustard algae.

    I’ve had “mustard algae” for a year and a half and have literally tried everything in the books to kill it and most things twice. We even changed the sand in our filter to zeolite and the laterals looked fine to us plus the seals and all. I get splotches of sand colored stuff in the bottom of my...
  6. O

    Replace cartridge filter with?

    We have been in this house for 4 1/2 years. After the first summer, it was recommended (by Leslie's) that I replace the existing DE filter with a Jacuzzi J-CQ420 cartridge filter. I may have made a bad decision based on their advice that it would only need cleaning twice a year, but I now think...
  7. C

    Unknown pool bottom

    Hello everyone, I am hoping someone can help me with a newbie issue. I purchased my home about 2 years ago and decided this year to put in a new liner. The old liner had a leak, likely on the bottom of the shallow end, and a lot of wrinkles. The pool was new in 2006 but I cannot find anyone at...
  8. S

    Very fine dirt in pool

    We had our Pentair 1hp Superflo pump crack from the Texas winter storm and I replaced the pump with a Superflo 1.5hp pump. Ever since then I have very fine dirt in the pool. I have vacuumed twice and it always returns. Granted I didn't vacuum to waste because I thought the dirt was from high...
  9. M

    Burying new PVC lines

    What material should I use to backfill under and around new PVC pool lines? I was thinking sand for under and first 2-4" over lines, then dirt. Please advise. If you recommend sand, what coarseness? Thank you!
  10. M

    Sand or Algae?

    Hello! First summer with a pool here! Wondering if this looks more like sand or algae? It brushes away easily, so I’m thinking algae, but it keeps returning! I have tried vacuuming to waste and triple shocking and it returns within the next day or two. Here is a picture from tonight...
  11. R

    Too little sand?

    I have a sand filter that the original paperwork shows it be a #200 capacity. I have put #150 In because I couldn’t find the specs now I have sand coming into the pool looks to be about 3 lbs. I checked all the laterals when I cleaned the old sand out and us great care As I reassembled but now...
  12. S

    Sand for base of pool

    Hello, new here! I recently had my yard excavated for a 18 ft round summer wave wicker pool. Now that the ground is leveled, I wanted to know the average amount of sand that would be needed. I contacted my local landscaping company and purchased 4 tons of sand. Is that enough?
  13. starburst

    Sand / Particles in Pool

    This morning I found sand and small plastic particles in my pool, where they were located was right under a return in the shallow end. It looks like they were pushed out the return and landed right there on the pool floor. I do NOT have a sand filter. I attached a photo of the sand and the...
  14. bluegirl2

    AG Liner Replacement - Sand Bottom Issue

    Hello Everyone! Time to replace my liner. :eek: When we first built the pool back in 2009, we were clueless. I'm surprised it stood this long. LOL I'm thinking we used regular play sand on the bottom along with a pad :(. The bottom has large divots all over. I've bought a new pad, coving, and...
  15. G

    Arizona Dust Devil Cleanup

    Hey All, Two dust devils came through the exact same spot in our neighborhood today 2-3 hours apart, and both hit our house and yard head-on. It ripped tile shingles off the roof and deposited a bunch of sand and debris in the pool. What a mess. I don't even own a vacuum attachment, as my...
  16. P

    Travertine Pavers: Sand or Concrete Base?

    Is it worth the extra money to have a concrete base for travertine pavers? Most of the PBs here install them with a sand base.
  17. D

    Sand in pool, cartridge filter

    Hello, I’m new to the group and a new pool owner. I’ve quickly engulfed myself in the TFP method. Everything is great, except... There is sand in the bottom of my pool. Decently sized grains. When I vacuum them up, they bypass my cartridge filter somehow and you can literally see them come out...