sand filter

  1. PointeTaken

    No manual pressure relief on S220T, right?

    So this has been my first foray into repairs in which I have to drain the filter. I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this, and I’ve heard this about pro-series filters generally, but I just want to make doubly sure. The S220T has an auto pressure relief, right? I’ve never come across a...
  2. K

    Best filter for 16x32 AGP

    Hi! We bought a house last summer with a 16x32 AGP and are new to maintaining a pool. We currently have a doughboy silica 2 sand filter and a Hayward Swimpro LX 1.5 hp pump. I have opened the pool but am having issues with the sand filter. It is slowly leaking from the top and waste drain and...
  3. bronwynsmom24

    Hole in the liner in the deep end. Caused from Muriatic Acid?

    I bought my house with a pool in October 2020. Last Friday I had my pool converted to salt water. I've been trying to get the Chemicals balanced out and today I came home to a huge hole in my liner at the deep end. It wasn't there yesterday evening. Sunday, I vacuumed really well bc I had to...
  4. I

    Sand filter pressure going up really fast

    Hi ya'll Im new to this forum but I have gotten some useful information from it. I've got a problem with a customers equipment, when I first got there the pool was green, so I treated it accordingly but the pressure of the filter was going way high. After removing the valve I found out the sand...
  5. iammikeb

    DE in sand filter not changing pressure

    I followed the guide, but even after two full cups of DE the pressure in my filter did not rise at all. The guide didn’t really indicate whether going beyond two cups was safe or not, so I have not tried any more than the two cups. Why am I not seeing any change in pressure after adding two...
  6. S

    Need help with a SLAM

    I had success SLAMing my pool the first time I tried in 2017 with the help of TFP (I think my original post is still up) but this time I'm having a lot of issues and starting to lose hope. Long story short - in the summer of 2018 my pool motor and booster pump went out. As you can imagine the...
  7. A

    Third Sand filter replacement in 6 years

    I have a Hayward S220T sand filter that has a leak on one side at the seam. Same failure location as the 2 previous tanks. Something must be wrong so I am coming to the experts for help. Here are my specs In ground fiberglass pool - size approx 25x11x4 - see photo. Not sure of volume Hayward...
  8. O

    Multiple Questions about Maintaining Older Pool

    Hello everyone! In the past year my wife and I purchased a home with a pool that I believe was built late 80s/early 90s. It has been a bit of a crash course learning how to care for the pool. Now I have multiple questions for the community to see if I can get some advice on what I should...
  9. T

    Problem with deep cleaning the sand filter

    I watched the video for how to deep clean the sand filter. It DEFINITELY needed it but in the process of cleaning it, the center tube that attaches to the laterals made its way to the top. Now what!? Do I have to empty to get it to the bottom again? I tried shimmying it down and only got about...
  10. J

    Sand filters

    Do any pool company out there use equipment to get the sand out of the filter that's reliable
  11. T

    Help Identifying Filter Model and Help with Lateral Replacement

    I always had a nagging sense there were super small amounts of sand coming into my pool, and after just opening this spring, I now have lines of sand pouring straight into the pool. Having once changed the sand and noticing .... what I now know are laterals... were in rough shape, I assume one...
  12. S

    ALGAE HELP!!!!

    Our pool is a 15 year old people tech pool. 3 years ago we started battling green algae. Our pool has always been with a paid service but the quit. We got a new service, dumped water (1-1/2 year ago), replaced sand in sand filter, then they quit after throwing a lot of extra money in. New guy...
  13. T

    Sand filter backwashing question?

    Hi, we moved to our new house about a year ago and learning how to care for the pool. I know it's over due to be backwashed but all the instructions I can find specify the air valve on top of the tank needs to be opened first. I can not find any valves on top of the tank at all! Any help?
  14. J

    What is this?

    I have a 24 foot above ground pool. Two weeks ago we started seeing what appeared to be patches of sand on the floor . If you try to touch it or vacumn it up it turns to dust and creates no cloudiness at all, the pool is otherwise completely clear. For 4 nights we cleaned the floor and...
  15. N

    Help! Greenest pool in the world!

    To preface my post, my pool wasn't covered over the winter and there are a ton of leaves in the bottom (or at least I think there are, I can't see it). I know, poor maintenance on my part but life happened and it is what it is. We have a 24' round pool about 4' deep throughout with a sand...
  16. C

    Increased pressure and loss of water level in pump

    I have a 15,000 gallon inground pool with main drain/skimmer/(2) returns, S180T filter and a Power Flo LX 1.5SPL pump. I have no problems getting it to Prime and I have zero issues when in recirc or sweeping to waste. I put the multiport valve into filter, runs for about 45 minutes then I see...
  17. C

    Decreasing flow rate

    I just opened my pool a few days ago and noticed that the water flow rate decreases significantly 2-3 hours after I started the pump. (Hayward S244T sand filter installed in 2012) - Running a backflow and rinse will result in normal water flow for another 2-3 hours. - Because the sand has been...

    Sand Filter Questions - Deep Cleaning but still not filtering well.

    I followed the deep cleaning a sand filter before I vacuumed all the winter gunk. Water came out clear. Cleaned/vacuumed the pool then deep cleaned the sand filter again since there was a lot of dirt on the bottom. I thought it would help but it didn't. After running the filter for several...