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    Pool safety (fencing and pool covers)

    I'm new here and need a bit of help with securing my pool. I have a porch that leads directly to my pool (3ft clearance). What are the requirements for pool gates? It seems futile to put up a gate since someone could just jump in from the porch. Also, does anyone know the clearance required for...
  2. J

    Safety cover on an above ground pool questions/advice.

    We replaced our 18'x33' (48" or 52" depth) above ground pool this spring with a new 54" deep pool. The previous pool seemed pretty old, came with the house (we've had it 3 years) and to make a long story short… the side blew out over the winter. 1.) Is this safety cover ok to be installed on...
  3. K

    DE inhaled while suspended in pool water

    Ok, I may be waaay overthinking this but.... what if there is a little DE suspended in my pool water and my young kids inhale some water while we are swimming (which is not unusual for them since they are not good swimmers yet). I know DE is harmful to your lungs when inhaled in dry form. They...