safety cover

  1. JessB412

    Pool cover experiences

    Hey everyone, It's time to purchase a safety cover for a first time pool owner here. I am SO torn here in two different areas. Solid vs. Mesh I understand that solid allows for the easiest start up in spring. My step daughter who worked for a pool company as a summer job said they are...
  2. W

    Pool safety (fencing and pool covers)

    I'm new here and need a bit of help with securing my pool. I have a porch that leads directly to my pool (3ft clearance). What are the requirements for pool gates? It seems futile to put up a gate since someone could just jump in from the porch. Also, does anyone know the clearance required for...
  3. A

    Which safety cover?

    Hi me again. Anyone have any experience with In the Swim. I am Torn between the following two covers. The off brand kind of scares me and wondering if I’m better off staying with a name brand. So I guess my question is which of the covers from In the Swim would you get deluxe or...