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    Jandy JXI & PDA issue

    Recently had a “ Fault - High Flue” error on my Jandy JXI , bought a new Flue sensor and installed it. Error wouldn’t clear so i cleared it out by holding pool, menu, spa button for 7 seconds, go to load defaults , finished , error cleared. Manually verify heater starts up no errors and runs for...
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    4pin RS-485 for Jandy JEP-R controller

    TFP family. I have a Jandy 1.65hp VSP and also have the JEP-P Controller for the pump. Per the installation. Indicates I need a RS-485 wire to connect the controller to the Pump. I do not have that wire. Been looking online and seem like there is a ton of wires ranging from 2 to 9 pins that are...
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    Any remote control options for Pool Pilot DIG-220??

    It's 2021 and everything in my backyard I can control from my phone except the Pool Pilot DIG-220. My Jandy panel has later software which no longer works with 3rd party SWGs (thanks Jandy). Chlorinator Translator doesn't work with the Pool Pilot either. What other options exist besides...