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    New Pool\Spa Return Fitting - Looks odd

    Hi All. We just had a pool remodel done at our home. Today, the pebble finish was completed. They installed return fittings in the pool and spa that I have never seen before. I am used to a threaded fitting that I can then screw an adjustable "eyeball" to. This fitting does not appear to be...
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    Temporary return line above ground

    Hi! We open my in gorund pool this summer to find the plugs out of the jet and at the bottom of the pool...ugh. When the pump is not running we do not lose any water! When we turn the pump on after about 15 minutes we start seeing water bubbling out of a drainage grate on my pool patio a way...
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    Hayward 400btu Heater starts and runs but not heating

    Hello, Opened pool up for the season yesterday and turned heater on today. It appears to light the blower is on and the flow is fine. It does not sound anywhere near as loud as it used to and the water returning back to the pool is at most 2゚ warmer. Any thoughts?
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    Flow director

    We got our pool up and running here in Texas last weekend. The Pentair Vac came with a flow director which is desperately needed bc when ran on high the return is stronger than a hot tub. We can NOT figure out how to get this flow director on. In every set of directions I’ve found it lists the...