1. B

    Bypass Salt Cell

    I'm having my pool resurfaced (Diamond Brite). I was advised that I cant use my salt chlorinator for the first 28 days until the pH is leveled. The issue is I don't know if I can bypass my salt cell? My question is, if I just leave the cell in place with no salt in the pool do I run any risks...
  2. XSaint

    Water Chemistry for All Tile Pool

    Hi everyone. I’m not a new pool owner, but I am new to this forum and new to maintaining my pool. I have a 20+ year gunite pool with (until recently) the original aggregate plaster surface (DiamondBrite, I believe). I have just completed resurfacing the entire pool with glass tile. Are there...
  3. Teddyadams

    Cleaning the surface of a neglected pool

    Hello, I bought my house with its neglected pool last year and had fix a lot of plumbing and mechanical issues, and now I need to clean or refinish the surface and I need some advice. Judging by the looks of it I assumed that I was going to have to refinish the pool, it is pebble tec (I think)...
  4. thadson

    White powder-like material in pool, months after resurface

    Hi All, we had our in cround 17000gal pool resurfaced with marquis pool finish and added a salt chlorinator system (iChlor 30). We did the recommended everyday brushing for 30 days as well as kept up with the contractor recommended pool chemistry through our local Leslie's water tests and...
  5. G

    Aquabright or plaster as a resurfacing option?

    We live in Massachusetts, 30k gallon gunite with plaster finish and attached spa, built in the 90's, chlorine chemistry, DE filter, natural gas heater. We have lived here 3 years so we're not sure if/when it has been re-plastered but it is ready for it now. The entire pool feels like you're...
  6. Q

    Should I replaster?

    Hi, My pool was built in 2005 and pool service company said there is a need to replaster. Technically since it is already 15 years old, it is time to replaster. I have no idea how bad it is and here is some pictures.
  7. K

    Removable In-Pool Table and Bar Stools???

    Hi everyone, my husband and I recently bought a home in the DFW area with a ~30,000 gallon pool. We have a complete resurfacing scheduled for one month from now, and we debated a long time about whether or not we should have built-in bar stools added to one part of the shallow end... However, we...
  8. G

    Mini Pebble Application - Too Thin?

    Hi All, I just had mini pebble installed and it looks spread a little too thin to me. The pool surface seems almost blotchy--pool not yet filled with water. See pictures. Is this normal? Thank you!