1. N

    Please share your pictures of your solar cover reels on oval pools

    We have a 21x41 oval pool. We're going to have a deck on one end but don't want to mount the reel in front of the stairs. Planning on putting in some 4x4s on the deep end and mounting it on those but I'd love to see some more pictures before I do. I've done some searching but haven't turned up...
  2. D

    FeherGuard Premium 30' Solar Cover Reel (IG30M) Review

    We have a 30’ above ground pool. I just bought a heater so now I need to make sure I’m covering the pool when not in use. I was looking at the FeherGuard Premium 30' Solar Cover Reel (IG30M). I don’t really have many other options, but before I spend the money I was hoping to see some reviews of...
  3. JohnA902

    Do solar cover reels work?

    I have a rectangle pool. When the cover is dry it’s not too bad to accordian pull and fold the cover right off the pool by myself. But when it’s wet it’s miserable. I see these cover reels that seem to be housed on wheels and what looks like flimsy plastic. I can’t imagine it working? I...