1. L

    Pentair Intelliflo rebuild/restoration

    Hey everyone, I spent my holiday weekend rebuilding my Pentair IntelliFlo pump (PN: 011018). I figured I'd share some takeaways as it was not hard to do and these pumps are not the cheapest, so I think repair should be the way to go (if possible). My pump was manufactured in 2014, I do not know...
  2. getalegup

    My Polaris 380 with many problems. Fix a little, Fix a lot or Replace? Need feedback.

    tl/dr How broken and/or underperforming should my Polaris 380 be before I fix, rebuild or replace it? Long story: My Polaris 380 has a lot of problems. I hope that this forum can help me decide whether to fix it or replace it. 1. The base assembly is broken. The rectangular tab that sits just...
  3. M

    Well worth the wait, complete pool overhaul.

    Been in our the house about 8 years and finally able to update our 30 yr old pool. We ripped out all of the decking and patio. Redid the tile and added travertine coping. Added a tanning ledge 12in deep in a kind of no mans land part of the pool, it was too deep for the kids to stand but not...