1. N

    Can I plumb a heat pump before hooking up electrical?

    We have a plumber who can come out Saturday to plumb the heat pump (RayPak 8345ti) but the electrician might not be able to make it in time. Does it matter if it's plumbed before it has power?
  2. gatorson

    Raypak Conversion Professional series Propane to Natural gas

    OK Guys, I have an interesting situation. I currently have a 15 yr old Raypak 406a P-M406A-EN-C natural gas that needs replacement; it fires up properly but the firewall is so old it overheats. Here's the situation - I've found a professional series 409a that is propane B-R409A-EP-X. Would I...
  3. T

    What size heater?

    I have a 24’ round pool in Michigan. We’re looking to get a heater and are between the Raypak 156 and 206. I don’t plan on running it constantly, just a few hours on the mornings I know we will swim and water is cold. Does anyone have experience with either? Obviously the 206 is a more expensive...
  4. M

    Repack 206a sensor failure

    This year I replaced my Raypak 206a with the same model. I’m getting a sensor failure code. Since this happened already once this year and was a loose connection on the thermistor I think I just need to buy two new thermistors. I’m having trouble identifying the part. The troubleshooting guide...
  5. T

    Raypak RP2100 Error Code IGK

    Im getting an error code on Screen and cant find what it means. Any help on how to reset or fix is appreciated
  6. F

    Raypak P-R406A-EN-C 009219 -vs- Raypak P-M406A-EN-C 009965 - What's the difference?

    In shopping for a new heater, specifically Raypak 406a natural gas... I have stumbled across a few different variants but can't quite tell what the differences are if any.... Raypak P-R406A-EN-C 009219 Raypak P-M406A-EN-C 009965 Anyone know what's different? Is it older generation and new...
  7. R

    Time to get a new heater for my in-gound hot tub

    My 15 year old Hayward H400 is giving an IO code and it's probably time for a new heater. Thinking about a new Raypak, open to other suggestions and/or reccomendaions. Thanks in advance for your help!
  8. gatorson

    Raypak 406a hi limit 1

    Hi, I'm receiving a hi limit 1 error after the water temperature hits about 95 degrees F. The unit door gets pretty warm to the touch. I recently replaced the unitherm governer but not the bypass. I believe the hi limit is working properly considering the unit itself is becoming warm...
  9. M

    Raypak RP2100 shuts off

    Hello TFP members! My Raypak RP2100 pool heater shuts off after short periods. It ignites just fine. The igniter is fairly new, I replaced it myself a few years back. I had the heater running once this season prior to now and it ran like magic for 24 hours. Nothing (such as valves etc) has been...