1. Jess_0991

    How To change Jandy pool light so each light is a different color?

    We have 3 Pool Lights and use a Jandy Aqua Link remote. I notice when we use the Control box, all of the lights can be different colors, though it doesn't let you pick which colors. When you use the AquaLink remote Every Light will be the same color. Is it possible to use the Remote to set each...
  2. J

    Pool builder is recommending SuperPump 1.5hp (not VSP)

    Hello this is my first post and I appreciate any feedback - I am 1 week into my pool journey (deposit is in with pool builder and the engineering plans are being drawn up) I will be having a heat pump and salt water generator installed with the new pool. The pool installer thinks the VSP is not...
  3. David&Robin

    New (to us) pool, and I don't see how it can possibly work as it should... Help!

    This will be our 2nd year in our new home, and my 2nd year (EVER) with a pool. Thanks to TFP, my 1st year was somewhat successful - but I've always been troubled by some facets of our ancient pool. 1 - Pump and Filter 2 - Skimmer 3 - Returns (Red arrows indicate attempted water flow...