1. E

    Filter Pump Always On!

    Hello everyone, I'm new to TFP, I've been reading some posts but could not solve a current problem I have with my pool. I have a Aqualink RS intalled with PDA (PS4 both on version 3.0) . Thanks to the quarantine I've been looking into the PDA and wanted to make some programs. Apparently filter...
  2. E

    Gunite pool - fixable or ???

    Hello All - hope you are safe with all the Covid-19 ongoings... if you have time, please read and share your thoughts... please help! I first joined the group last year as we were deciding on the type of pool, etc. Excavation and pool shell were completed last December. Contract: 20% down...
  3. pdilow

    Problem number 5,000 trying to open my pool - In floor system issues

    For those that haven't read my previous posts asking for help, this is my second year of pool ownership and my first year of managing it myself. It's not going HORRRRRIBLE, but I wouldn't give myself a good grade yet. We have a Paramount in-floor cleaning system (that I actually do like) that...