1. V

    How can I check the air pressure in my Saluspa Cancun Hot Tub?

    How can I check the air pressure in my Saluspa Cancun Hot Tub?
  2. T

    First time backwashing, did I do it right?

    Hello! I'm a new pool owner of a previously built in ground pool, ~17000 gallons. For the first 2 months we lived in the home, I hired a pool company to help take care of the chemicals and equipment so we could settle in. They cleaned our Hayward DE filter at the end of May/early June. They have...
  3. C

    Pool slide lost pressure after new superflo was installed

    We installed a new pump and filter. This required re-plumbing as well. The pump is no longer putting out enough pressure to move water up the slide line. Previously, my Hayward one and a half horsepower pump put out plenty of pressure for the slide. Photos attached. The green line is the slide...
  4. S

    High pressure low flow

    I was opening my pool and it was really bad algae as usual, so I ran the filter and after I got things fairly cleaned I did a backwash. I got lazy and didn't turn the pump off and just switched from backwash to rinse one or twice near the end. After that I started leaking water fairly...
  5. ps6000

    Too much pressure, ripping things apart

    I have a 2hp whisperflo pump that has been having some problems with excess pressure. The pump is used for a spa. The pipes are all integrated with the vs pump. The pressure is so high that it has bent pump strainer baskets. The original one, and now a new one. The pump has been leaking so I...
  6. J

    Zero pressure in my cartridge filter

    Nearly zero psi. Return flow looks normal. I just replaced pressure gauge and washed the cartridge filters today but didn’t solve the issue. My pump basket is clean. What else should I check? Please
  7. PointeTaken

    Pressure shooting up after new sand and laterals

    Had a small fissure in the standpipe of my lateral assembly, so I had to swap out the assembly. While I had all the sand out, I decided to go ahead and put new sand in there. It’s never been changed since I’ve owned the pool and who knows if it was ever changed by the previous owner. I know the...
  8. M

    Elevated filter pressure and poor skimmer suction

    New 20x40 IG pool last summer, winterized/closed by installer company and just opened by me today after watching a couple YouTube videos. The pressure on my Hayward S244T filter is reading at 32 when it read around 22 last summer; when I turn off the pump it reads around 8. Additionally, the...
  9. B

    Pool slide water pressure issue

    So I didn’t open the pool this year but last year was my first year of home ownership. I have a fiberglass slide that had broken hoses and missing nozzles so I figured I’d be able to fix it by buying one of the pool slide spray kits After setting it up, the pressure was terrible. I’ve since...
  10. S

    HELP! New 2 HP pump PSI at 46/filter leaking

    Hi there - Our 1.5 hp pool motor/pump died and our local pool supply recommended going to a 2hp. Sounded ok.....the circulation in pool is fantastic! HOWEVER, now after 1 month with new pump our Hayward Pro Series S180T has started leaking.....first at a seam, now today, also from the head...
  11. F

    Problem with Hayward Cartridge filter drain plug

    Hello! How can I fix my drain plug on my hayward cartridge model c 3000 pool pump? The drain plug was leaking a little bit and i put teflon tape to help however it still didnt fix it 100% . Pressure is still coming out and the PSI is a little bit above 10. I never had this problem before so...
  12. K

    HELP! Flow Problem!

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to TFP and to pool ownership. We purchased a home with an 30k gallon IG gunite pool 2 years ago (this is our third summer). Here is a quick run down of the first issue I want to tackle with this pool: Year 1 We swapped out the old pump for a VS-SVRS pump and had no issues...
  13. egiblock

    Waterway 150 sqft cartridge system w/ 1.5hp 2speed pump ~ (cartridge and pump questions)

    been working great and running on a rotation of 12 hours at night on high usually. a couple of days when it was raining I didn't run it. but overall pretty good. chemical levels are all steady and I don't have to do a lot of maintenance to keep it in the clear.. hehe yesterday it seems...
  14. F

    Help! Leak detection in a fiberglass pool.

    I have a leak somewhere in my plumbing. Plugged returns and no water loss. Unplug returns and fill over returns and I’m not losing water. Unplug returns and run the pump I start losing water. Water loss stops just below returns and skimmer. Can anyone give me any additional insight. Any...
  15. E

    EC65A pressure gauge stuck

    My Hayward EC65A DE filter's pressure gauge indicator needle has somehow become stuck below the metal pin at 0 psi, so it can't advance and register pressure. This is the 2nd time this has happened in the last few years (1st time I just replaced it with a spare from an old filter I had laying...
  16. EllieWilliams

    PSI Dropped to 6 from 10 after Pool Revamp

    Weirdest question I think I have ever presented to you all - Just finished a revamp on my 40 year old pool - new cooping, tile and surfacing (drain hole plugged). Replaced pump and motor for prosperity, as well. Cleaned and replaced the filters. Everything is clean, clear and running really...