pool vacuum

  1. flymetothesky

    Has anyone used AQUAFYSH ELF08 Pro ?

    Aquafysh|ELF08 Pro Cordless Swimming Pool Robot Cleaner I have an underground pool and I am looking for a cost-effective robotic pool cleaner. I found this one, I really like this yellow color & tank design
  2. Gopherboy6956

    Best Manual Pool Brush/Vac? 18' AGP and 1.5hp pump

    Hey Everyone - Going into my 4th year of AGP ownership (2 in Intex, last 2 in Steel Sided) I've about had it cleaning with my Intex "deluxe pool" vacuum. I don't mind manually cleaing the pool, it's somewhat satisifying, but this thing takes forevery and you have to go real slow to keep...
  3. DuchessJen

    Soft bottom vacuum?

    Hi! I'm looking for a pool vacuum that has a soft bottom. Last year, we used the Pool Blaster Catfish and loved everything about it -- EXCEPT the hard wheels that caused punctures in my liner. Are there any vacuums that have maybe a foam bottom or something soft that won't puncture the vinyl...
  4. C

    When do I attach/install pool cleaner?

    We just completed our in ground gunite pool with pebble interior. How long do I need to wait to attach/install pool cleaner. I have a “Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner” Some say one week some say 30 days.
  5. Beowolf

    Sand and Dirt At Bottom of Pool

    Our pool is located off a bayou that is fed from the Gulf of Mexico. We have well-water that's often comingled with sand. Nonetheless, our system is very basic, one scupper and two jets. Every time someone wants to swim, we have to remove floating dead bugs, at times dead frogs, and a lot of...
  6. TatianaP

    Bought a home and over my head

    Hello everyone! I just bought my first home and it has an in ground pool. I have no knowledge whatsoever on pool maintenance but I’m willing to learn. The previous owners left me nothing so I have no clue what I need to do or even what I have. I know that my pool vacuum doesn’t work but I can’t...
  7. F

    Polaris vacuum

    Hello! I’m VERY new and I know little about maintenance. I have a Polaris vacuum for my salt water pool. It hasn’t moved and I don’t know how to check if it’s on or not. The picture attached shows . ‘filter on’ but is this for the vacuum? I appreciate the kind and helpful responses. I’m...
  8. L

    Intex Automatic Pool Vacuum

    Hi guys, new to the forum here! I have an Intex XTR above ground pool 18’x52”. I got tired of manually vacuuming my pool, and didn’t want to spend more on a vacuum (pressure or robot) than I did for the pool itself. I shopped around, looked at some reviews and different products, and decided to...