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    Pool remodel in San Diego - user info on glass tile and Travertine coping for salt water pool

    New member here - spent a ton of time searching the files and am looking for some real user information on glass tile and travertine coping (salt water pool) as we research materials. Background - pool is 15 year old white plaster free form pool that needs a new finish. We currently have...
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    New plaster on renovated pool- when to refill?

    A pool company is coming in tomorrow to RE-RE-plaster a pool after doing a subpar job the first time, and after that experience, I decided I should probably avoid trusting them as much as I did the first time. After doing some research I asked that they wait six hours to start the adding water...
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    COMPLETED: DIY Travertine Pool / Patio / Waterfall Remodel in AZ

    COMPLETED: DIY Travertine Pool/Patio/Waterfall Remodel in AZ Hi, I was a serious lurker on this forum for a couple years…many thanks to posters on this forum and other forums which I referenced for this project. This is a DIY patio/pool remodel that my wife and I undertook a few years ago...