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    What in the world does this valve do?

    I am a new convert to the TFP methodology. And in converting i have done a ton of work on the plumbing and learned a alot along the way. But i cannot for the life of me figure out what this valve does! I have a 23k gallon pool/spa combo. Air blower. Polaris 360 cleaner (therefore no booster...
  2. M

    P-trap photos?

    Our city is requiring us to add a P-trap to pass final. Anyone have a photo of the P-trap they had installed to their existing clean out so we make sure we get it right to pass inspection? Here's a picture of the cleanout we want to add the P-trap too. Luckily, the city isn't requiring a hard...
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    Plumbing layout
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    Pool plumbing
  5. K

    Pool Builder demands more $ then quits (Katy, TX)

    Hello, I wanted to start by thanking everyone on this site! The information has been invaluable. I only wish I had found it before we started this process. Backstory: the back of the pool had to be jackhammered out because the plumbing was low and then gunnited over. Then the tile guys came...
  6. D

    Temporary piping for leaking pool

    All right, guys. Yet again, my pool has sprung a leak. I'm busy seeing where it settles (level wise) and then will begin what might be a challenging repair. I have another thread for the leak. This thread is about how I might be able to use my filter and pump while my skimmer and my return...
  7. N

    Pool plumbing lifespan and pool renovations

    Are there any plumbing products designed to seal/fix underground pipes that are 20+ years old? I need to re-do my liner but the price keeps growing the company wants to redo all the plumbing, move the skimmer to the other side which is more accessible to dig then under concrete decking, etc...
  8. H

    Proper electric heat pump plumbing setup

    Hello fellow TFP followers, I recently purchased a Raypak 5450 Electric Heat pump for my 24' above-ground pool w/ 1HP Hayward Pump. I have an electrician doing the wiring, however, I'd like to attempt the plumbing myself; as I have a (seemingly) simple setup. Plus I assume hiring a plumber is a...
  9. B

    Should plumbing be run underneath the pool rather than around the pool?

    Building a new inground pool in Texas where we had to dig a bedrock to excavate which took 3 weeks to dig. Now that excavation is done, ready for the plumbing. That said, we are getting mixed response about how to run the plumbing. Should plumbing be run underneath the pool rather than around...
  10. thephatp

    What's Wrong with My Plumbing? - Chlorinator seems to get air trapped...

    Problem My pool loses chlorine over the span of 8-10 days. The pool builder doesn't know why. I have to bleed air out of my system ever 7 days to keep chlorine from getting too low. They think it may have something to do with the way the system is plumbed. Steps Followed (reproducible) Filled...
  11. N

    NJ Owner Builder, Plumbing Design, Help Please

    Hello All, Joined this forum after my dad made the recommendation. He's been on here for years and always speaks so highly of it. Naturally, when I came to him with my plan to build a pool, this was the first place he said I should go. I've been coming here for information for the past...