pool motor

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    Pool Company Telling me to connect Motor to 240 Volts for Longevity

    I have an in-ground, salt swimming pool. The entire setup is outdoor in a city that snows a lot (motor, salt panel, heater, filter). My motor (Hayward Super Pump) has lasted 7 years up until a few weeks ago. The pool company replaced the capacitor which lasted 3 weeks. When I brought the motor...
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    Pool motor change

    Hello, my pump motor starting making loud noises so I had it fixed. Went from a Hayward to a Jacuzzi brand. When installing the new motor I did the wiring as instructed, when turned on, my pump makes a normal sound now but it does not work. Does that make sense? I hear the sound but there is no...
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    Pool motor hums then clicks off

    Found the pool pump off one evening when it was on the timer to run. Found a piece of wood jammed in the propellor. Motor was NOT crazy hot to the touch. Went to turn it back on, the motor hums then clicks off. If left on, the motor will keep trying to hum then click off every 30 seconds or so...
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    Overly hot pool pump motor

    Hello, I have a 14x28 rectangular pool, 3 1/2' to 6' depth. I calculated about 14,000 gallons and roughly 85' of head. Pool piping is 1 1/2” combo of rigid and flexible PVC except at the equipment where it is 2”. A Hayward C4030 cartridge filter and originally a Super pump 2, 1 1/2Hp which died...
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    Century b855 pump tripping breaker immediately

    The breaker is good and when I turn it on there is a spark and the breaker trips. Does anyone know what could be wrong? I'm hoping I don't have to replace the whole pump.