pool lighting

  1. M

    Trouble removing pool light fixture

    I'm having a difficulty in removing my pool light fixture. I unscrewed the single screw that holds the fixture (see attached image), but the fixture does not budge. I tried lightly prying it with a screwdriver, but no success. What am I missing? Is there a trick to removing these? All of...
  2. XSaint

    Pentair Intellibrite 5G White LED Spa Light

    Hi, I just recently had a Pentair Intellibrite 5G White LED Spa Light (12V) installed in my pool. The documentation says that that lifespan of the LED is anywhere between 10,000 and 30,000 hours. Does anyone know what the process is for replacing these when they burn out? Does the entire light...
  3. P

    Jandy watercolor LED

    I need your help. My jacuzzi light kept turning on and off every few minutes. Every pool guy I talked to said it may be the motherboard. I put in a new motherboard and its still doing the same thing.