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  1. T

    Jandy Nicheless LED Hydrocool Pool Lights

    Hi! New pool owner here! We are in the middle of our fiberglass pool installation (20+ weeks since the start of excavation). It’s been an awful experience with our pool builder..... We have so many issues/questions.... But here is an easy one! Is this how the Jandy LED lights are suppose to look...
  2. Kenny Powers

    Alternate Hayward/Pentair bulb replacement

    I have a 120V multicolor LED in both of my pool lights. Replacements are $899 each. It’s not worth that much to have pool lights. Currently the lights are ColorLogic 4.0 sp0527LED100. Are there other light bulb assemblies that will fit this Pentair receptacle?
  3. M

    Trouble removing pool light fixture

    I'm having a difficulty in removing my pool light fixture. I unscrewed the single screw that holds the fixture (see attached image), but the fixture does not budge. I tried lightly prying it with a screwdriver, but no success. What am I missing? Is there a trick to removing these? All of...
  4. Jess_0991

    How To change Jandy pool light so each light is a different color?

    We have 3 Pool Lights and use a Jandy Aqua Link remote. I notice when we use the Control box, all of the lights can be different colors, though it doesn't let you pick which colors. When you use the AquaLink remote Every Light will be the same color. Is it possible to use the Remote to set each...
  5. I

    Pool Light - Adding a Neutral Wire for a TP Link KASA Switch

    Hello Everyone, I have been reading through the threads and have found a lot of this information very informative. I am trying to achieve the same result that many members are as well which is running a Neutral Wire into my pool light switch so that I can wire up a Smart Light Switch. I...
  6. A

    ** looking to sure pool transformer box**

    So I had a contractor leave on me half way through a job. I’m trying to source out this light he installed. The light and cord are in place but will need the transformer which was never put in place.Since the transformers are specific to the light I have to source out what kind of light was...
  7. N

    Pentair IntelliBrite Light delay

    On my Pentair IntelliBrite 5G pool light: When using a controller and changing between fixed individual colors (i.e. going from Blue to Red) the light will go off between color changes for between 12-15 seconds. When using a controller and changing between light “show” modes (i.e. going from...
  8. S

    Need Help Restoring Power After SAM Light Flooded

    I realize that this is a recurring story, but I haven't been able to resolve the issue. One of my SAm lights flooded in my pool (2 in pool, 1 in spa) causing all 3 lights to stop working. A typical problem for a 15 year old pool, according to other accounts on this forum. After letting the light...
  9. J

    Replacing pool & spa light diy

    Hi All, I have a 30-year-old pool with American Products/Pentair light fixtures (incandescent). Pool light is still working great after all of these years, but recently our spa light has started to shut off after being on for no longer than 5 mins. I tried to change the bulb (along with the...
  10. V

    Fiberstars Jazzlight/fx vs LED white light

    Hello, I have an old pool light ( FIberstars Jazzlight/FX ). It works fine and changes colors but since it's been some years it's not as bright anymore and light does not cover sides of my pool. I found a new Fiberstars FX light online but wondering if it will be actually brighter than my old...
  11. R

    Pool light wiring question

    Hello, I just replaced my old Giammanco pool light transformer with the px300. The wires coming out of the pool side pipe are labeled 12,13,14,0 (all black), and a single white wire. From the old schematic, attached, looks like I connect the two black leads from the px300 to 12 (the voltage of...
  12. Sbittner

    Pool Light Burned out EVERY YEAR

    Hi - please help. I'm located in PA and keep my in-groud pool open from May - Sept. Every year when I open it, the pool light is burned out. Last year I decided to replace it with an LED bulb thinking that the incandescent was freezing. However, I opened the pool today and the LED is not...
  13. N

    Help Identifying Old Pool Light

    Recently bought a house with an inground pool. I estimate it was built in the 80s. I'm looking to replace the 12v bulb and gasket but can't figure out what make or model it is. I've tried local pool stores and they weren't sure either. The labels on the back of the light are long gone and I'm...