pool finish

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    Wet edge prism matrix moonlight

    Hi, let me know if I’m posting this in the wrong place, I’m new here. i was hoping someone on the forum might be able to post some pictures of a pool with the wet edge prism matrix moonlight finish? thank you, google searches have yielded not much
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    Choosing our pool finish - plaster vs. Pebble Fina vs. Wet Edge Primera Stone

    New to TFP, and I’ve read several posts about pool finishes here so we’ve at least narrowed it down some. My quandary is picking our finish between white plaster, Pebble Fina, or Wet Edge Primera Stone. As you can tell we want a smooth pool finish. I know the other two upgraded choices will...
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    Plaster resurface on in ground pool. Poor quality work by the pool builder or "part of the process?"

    Hi all, This is my first post, so bear with me if I don't get all the necessary information out on the first shot. I found this forum after looking everywhere for good information on good plastering techniques, what to watch for, etc. and being overwhelmed with how much information was out...
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    Aqua cool vs Aqua blue mini Pebble?!?!?!

    Hi, I'm a little torn deciding between mini Pebble aqua cool vs aqua blue. I have a big oak tree in back so we will have a lot of shady areas for the pool. My coping is off white (sandstone) and water tile is attached. We're trying to decide which one would be best to go with by tomorrow, which...