pool cover

  1. J

    Should I shell out for an expensive cover?

    Hello all! I'm a new pool owner and I'm wondering how much to spend on a pool cover. I've built the pool this spring and still have deck and water management issues to spend money on. Then the landscaping... So when I saw that Home Depot and other big stores sell pool covers for under $100 I...
  2. T

    Best Pool Cover Patch Kit?

    Hello all , do those adhesive patches really last? I had someone patch mine in the past using patch/glue, seemed good...just looking for recommendations? Thanks!
  3. G

    How to keep fine seeds out of pool

    Each spring (like now), nearby trees drop tiny seeds into my pool which results in black stains in the pool which must be scrubbed off (it's an epoxy painted pool, and it stains the paint for some days until it wears off). I already have a bird cage around the pool which keeps most leaves out...
  4. M

    Easy solar pool cover strap fix

    My solar pool cover straps have been a problem for years - coming unglued from the reel, and half of those stupid clips don’t work. Just fixed them all in about 30 minutes. To attach the straps to the reel, remove the Velcro sections and clean off old glue with a solvent and paper towel. I...
  5. PoolDiver

    stiff leading edge for solar blanket

    I have a 32x16' in-ground pool and I have been looking for solution to the problem of covering the pool singlehandedly without getting a good amount of water on the cover. Before I commit to creating something from pool noodles & PVC pipes (along the lines of DIY Solar pool cover towing boom...
  6. G

    How to (properly) pump water from cover (above ground pool)?

    Hi all! It's been very cold in the NorthEast and I'm still not open! However last weekend, I tried to pump the water out of the cover , but I noticed, after a couple hours, my pool water was also going down! It seems the cover isn't "waterproof" ! No worries as it's been raining so much the...
  7. C

    Planning an Indoor Pool!

    Hello everybody. I just joined TFP since i am in the stage of planning an indoor pool. After reading a lot of posts in the forum and searching online i have some questions. 1) What type of chlorinacion is better for indoor pools? SWG or convencional chlorine system? I am also interested in not...
  8. M

    Coverstar pool cover will open but not close all the way

    We have an inground pool with a coverstar automatic pool cover. It opens all the way and closes almost all the way. Once this cover gets to about a foot from closing completely it stops. I have cleaned out the tracks and I can’t find any reason why it won’t completely close. Any help would be...