pool chemistry

  1. H

    TA high

    Hi can I ask when you say stabiliser, do you mean stabilised chlorine? I can’t find “stabiliser” I’m in the Uk. my pool is above ground. my readings are below. I just wanted to check, that I’m supposed to add ph reducer? (Got a bottle left from last yr) And that’s all? many thanks H
  2. F

    CYA help!

    Starting this year, I took over taking care of the pool myself from a pool service. I’ve done a lot of reading and research, and testing! Unfortunately, in the beginning, I was using Clorox shock and pucks, and test strips. Since then, I’ve run into this group, and have switched to purer...
  3. J

    Calcium carbonate scaling. Help

    I’m new to this forum so bear with me. I have a 36k liner pool that turned green over the winter in FL and sat without running for 4 months. The walls and waterline have calcium on them that feels like sandpaper. We drained and refilled the pool and balanced the water chemistry. Problem is we...
  4. texas_scot

    Struggling with TA and PH

    I switched to the TFP recommended method last summer and I am happy to say that I have been completely algae free with very clear water ever since then. Definitely worth the effort of two partial drainings and then a 10 day SLAM cycle to get everything under control. I do have one concern...
  5. D

    Non-Chlorine or Chlorine Shock

    So over the last week I had noticed that the deep end of my 16x32 pool had become a little murky, after testing it i realized the chlorine had gone now to almost nothing. I use a floater with three inch pucks to supply it. I refilled the floater and added a granular cal-hypo to try and quickly...
  6. E

    Naturally rising pH?

    Hey all. I have a pebbletec, 27k gallon pool, cartridge filter. When I moved in in February, it was my first pool, and a friend of mine who works in the pool industry recommended and helped me install an inline tab feeder. After following this website for a few months, I decided eleven days...
  7. FourReelFish

    Sweet spot in the CYA to Chlorine table?

    I am aware of how stabilizer works with your sanitizer, but I was wondering what you should actually keep it at. Higher CYA means higher Chlorine demand but less burning off, Lower CYA means lower Chlorine demand but more burnt off by the sun. We all know that. But in your opinion, what would...
  8. N


    Hello all! First post/new to pools! We just had our pool installed recently and I'm doing my best to get up to speed on chemical care. One reading that came from the Leslie test in store (just to run as a base against my first testing experience) is they add the phosphate count (which was 300...
  9. A

    OTO Test started at 4, then turned dark orange. High CCs?

    I've looked around this forum for a while, but this is my first post. The pool runs on bromine. The sun breaks down the bromine rapidly, so this morning I put 2 trichlor tablets in the chlorinator to try to use less chlorine bleach. My understanding is the chlorine activates the bromide. This...
  10. MSL82

    First time opening pool- alkalinity very low and ph is high

    Hi all, We’re in Canada and we’ve just moved in to a new house and I’m planning to open the existing ~16x32 (~19000 gallons/ ~72000 liters) winterized concrete pool. I haven’t bought a the recommended test kit yet but I have used a test strip as to get a general idea of the current water...
  11. U

    Happy new TFP user and Refilling Empty Pool

    We recently purchased a new home/pool with sky high CYA. I emptied the pool this last weekend and completed a chlorine wash and power wash to the entire surface. I also cleaned and soaked the 4 cartridges in a TSP solution. I started filling the pool today (from homes city water) at a rate of 96...
  12. Rackel

    Chemistry Tests Look Good...is a SLAM required?

    We had our IG pool resurfaced in December and chemistry was balanced immediately after by our pool guy. I took over maintenance after a few weeks and was simply brushing, vacuuming, monitoring chlorine and pH levels until a couple of weeks ago. We had zero CYA because of the new water, so I...
  13. chadducote

    Newly Renovated Pool Start up.

    Hey everyone, I am seriously loving this site and all the great advice. We just finished our pool remodel and had our pool replastered and we are in the process of doing a start up. I know many people on here don't like Leslies pool so I took my water to another store, as well as Leslies. I...