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  1. G

    New pool owner struggling with test levels and getting it right

    Background: My wife and I purchased our home in South Texas (San Antonio area) back in October of last year and we've officially been struggling with keeping my pool levels balanced for just as long. We've had some serious issues with the back yard which included us having to gut the existing...
  2. E

    Red Quartz High In Iron? Will it stain?

    We are selecting the stone to cover the face of our spa. The stone will be partially submerged in the water as well as have a waterfall effect rolling over it. We picked out a reddish Quartz but want to make sure it won’t stain from the iron. Any experience or suggestions?
  3. M

    Requesting help dialing in SWG

    Hello everyone- I have a 13,000 gallon, above-ground, vinyl SWG pool located in east coast central Florida I want to give a big thanks to the community. we filled our pool with well water, and used the pool store for chemicals guidance. The water balance was very off. As you all know, they...
  4. F

    New pool owner… what went wrong?

    Hi! We opened our pool (it’s maybe 40 years old, chlorine, concrete pool). We cleaned it got all the chemicals and balanced it. Everything was going great and then all of a sudden (we hadn’t been using it because we got a few cold days) we notice this black substance (see photos) floating on top...
  5. B

    Coleman Pool Drain Valve cap

    I Misplaced the valve cap for the 18x48 coleman pool. I Can’t find a replacement online in stock. Can anyone help me with what I should use? I have bought 3 pvc pipe caps, one 3/8 in, one 1 1/4 in and one 1-1/2 in. Im at a loss and have company coming soon. Please help :(
  6. A

    Intex pool is unlevel

    I’ve seen the topic before and I know I should just empty it and level it out better but my question is, HOW are you measuring how unlevel the pool is. I’m using a measuring tape and from the bottom of the pool to the top of the water line, it’s off by 3 inches max. Most places it’s 2 1/2 or...
  7. N

    Neighbour's noisy pool slowly driving me insane...

    Hi all! Old neighbours moved out, new neighbours moved in. I haven't had any interaction with them yet (I'm disabled and it's difficult for me to get around out of the house). But I know when they moved in they had a pool guy come several times, and they had to do some work to make the pool...
  8. G

    Cartridge Filter Size

    I have a rectangular pool 23,000 gallons. It has a 1hp motor with 1.5 inch piping. I need to replace my cracked sand filter and want to upgrade to a cartridge filter. I know I have limits from a GPM standpoint and I'm trying to not break the bank. Would a 200sf Pentair Clean and Clear Filter...
  9. WIN_20200921_15_40_01_Pro.jpg


    draining for resurfacing. what kind of lining is it?
  10. T

    Will this design cause maintenance nightmares?

    We are in the design process for our pool & cabana and we currently have a contemporary rectangle style in-ground pool. I had my designer leave a gap in the middle of the stairs off the sun shelf to allow for a wall that would allow for me to swim laps in the pool. My designer said he has...
  11. J

    OmniLogic and a gas firepit

    Hi all, I am in the middle of a pool build and is wondering if anyone has any experience with fire pits and automation. I bought a firepit ring with an electronic ignition on it and was thinking about having the electrician hook it up to omniogic rather than a switch on the wall. Is this...
  12. A

    Coleman pool pump installation issue

    We just set up a Coleman 18 x 48 pool. When we started to fill it we realized that the pump hole was leaking, specifically part “A” on this manual (https://p360fileupload.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/B2C/Manual/FAF84504-4AF6-4F4C-BE4A-D3658C8E58E9.pdf) the part appears to be on correctly but...
  13. Amelia38

    I'm about to build my pool... I know nothing about pools

    hey you, I'm a single mom of 2, Emma 19 and Mathis 5. French living in Vegas and I'm about to start digging for a pool in my backyard. I got few quotations and for a simple rectangle 10 x 20 pool they are asking 40K starting price!!!. Lost my job, coronavirus is killing us and I have 22K in my...
  14. L

    Completely new- looking to revitalize abandoned pool

    Hi all! I am completely new to this forum and new to any type of pool care. Hoping this is a judgement free zone.... I recently have been quarantining with my family, and it looks like they have completely let the pool go in recent years.. I want to be able to help them enjoy their pool...
  15. anabuhstasia

    Intex Rip, I’m also new here!

    Hi all! I’ve read these forums for a while, but just now decided to join. Last year I purchased a Summer Waves 16x48. I loved it so much, I went big this year and purchased a 26x52 Intex Ultra XTR Pool. It’s been sitting in my living room for months while I did ground prep. I’ve asked for help...