pool advice

  1. G

    Cartridge Filter Size

    I have a rectangular pool 23,000 gallons. It has a 1hp motor with 1.5 inch piping. I need to replace my cracked sand filter and want to upgrade to a cartridge filter. I know I have limits from a GPM standpoint and I'm trying to not break the bank. Would a 200sf Pentair Clean and Clear Filter...
  2. WIN_20200921_15_40_01_Pro.jpg


    draining for resurfacing. what kind of lining is it?
  3. T

    Will this design cause maintenance nightmares?

    We are in the design process for our pool & cabana and we currently have a contemporary rectangle style in-ground pool. I had my designer leave a gap in the middle of the stairs off the sun shelf to allow for a wall that would allow for me to swim laps in the pool. My designer said he has...
  4. J

    OmniLogic and a gas firepit

    Hi all, I am in the middle of a pool build and is wondering if anyone has any experience with fire pits and automation. I bought a firepit ring with an electronic ignition on it and was thinking about having the electrician hook it up to omniogic rather than a switch on the wall. Is this...
  5. A

    Coleman pool pump installation issue

    We just set up a Coleman 18 x 48 pool. When we started to fill it we realized that the pump hole was leaking, specifically part “A” on this manual (https://p360fileupload.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/B2C/Manual/FAF84504-4AF6-4F4C-BE4A-D3658C8E58E9.pdf) the part appears to be on correctly but...
  6. Amelia38

    I'm about to build my pool... I know nothing about pools

    hey you, I'm a single mom of 2, Emma 19 and Mathis 5. French living in Vegas and I'm about to start digging for a pool in my backyard. I got few quotations and for a simple rectangle 10 x 20 pool they are asking 40K starting price!!!. Lost my job, coronavirus is killing us and I have 22K in my...
  7. L

    Completely new- looking to revitalize abandoned pool

    Hi all! I am completely new to this forum and new to any type of pool care. Hoping this is a judgement free zone.... I recently have been quarantining with my family, and it looks like they have completely let the pool go in recent years.. I want to be able to help them enjoy their pool...
  8. anabuhstasia

    Intex Rip, I’m also new here!

    Hi all! I’ve read these forums for a while, but just now decided to join. Last year I purchased a Summer Waves 16x48. I loved it so much, I went big this year and purchased a 26x52 Intex Ultra XTR Pool. It’s been sitting in my living room for months while I did ground prep. I’ve asked for help...