1. K

    Contractor Installed Wrong Fitting - Now what?

    Our plaster contractor installed a pool jet fitting on the side vacuum line instead of a vacuum port fitting. This was not discovered until the pool was filled with water. Our contractor has gone awol and we are not sure what is going to be involved in correcting this. Before I start looking...
  2. N

    Is QuartzScapes too rough for children's feet?

    I'm getting quotes for renovating my pool, and I'm struggling with the plaster decision. My current pool is plain white plaster, and when my daughter and her friends spend a couple hours in the pool, the bottom of their feet get scratched up & bloody. I like the idea of the longevity of...
  3. Heatheralee

    My PB did not plug the pool when filling and now I have stained plaster

    Hi All, I had a pool installed (construction began Labor Day weekend) and it was just filled ~2 weeks ago. Plaster crew applied Wet Edge Signature matrix plaster on a Thursday, did the acid was Friday, and put the hose in when leaving so the pool would fill. Well, the plaster crew forgot to...
  4. P

    Should the Builder Plaster and Fill the Pool Without All of the Equipment Installed?

    I am losing all trust with our pool builder and I wanted to hear your opinion on two things that don't see right to me (but I don't build pools). The builder wants to plaster and fill the pool on Monday. No equipment is installed yet, I mentioned this and they said they could do a temporary...
  5. lafonte98

    Hairline cracks in plaster bottom pool

    Good Morning, I know there have been a few posts about this topic but I wanted to share my pictures for review and advice as well. Currently, my pool is drained for maintenance and I noticed a few hairline cracks in the plaster, see pictures. I believe they have been there for some time now...
  6. ES13Raven

    Choosing a Plaster Repair Company

    Any advice on choosing a company to re-plaster our pool/spa besides reading reviews on Yelp, Google etc.?
  7. ES13Raven

    Smoothing Out Plaster Flaking

    I bought my house about a year ago, and I believe the plaster is original from 2008 when the house was built. The standard plaster is flaking in a few spots, but overall still in good condition. We have had 5 contractors come out to give estimates on replacing the plaster. Since this will cost...
  8. T

    Plaster color help!

    My pool has been ready for plaster for about 1.5 months now. We are waiting on the black stone for stonescapes mini pebble tahoe blue. Has anyone made a custom mix without black stone? We wanted tahoe blue for the medium to dark water and I can't imagine you'd get that color without the black...
  9. G

    Should I Replaster Pool When Installing New Deck?

    I am obtaining quotes to replace my current concrete cantilever pool deck which is cracking around the coping area and has cool decking that is eroding. Of the 4 quotes from pool and patio companies, only one did not recommend refinishing the pool while they have it drained. It was replastered...
  10. S

    Calcium nodules? Or bad plaster job?

    Hi everyone, First time posting but long time follower. First of all I’d like to be clear that I am having our pool builder take a look at the plaster as it is only 8 months old. But I figured I would get some of your thoughts as well. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  11. R

    QuartzScapes Anvil or Curacao Night

    I have to let my contractor know a final for my plaster color ASAP, but I’m so torn between Anvil & Curacao Night. We went with a well known pool business in my area, but they’ve never done a plaster this dark… leave it to me to be different 💁🏻‍♀️😆 I’ve been searching online for these finishes...
  12. K

    New Plaster Startup

    I'm sure this has been asked a ton, but I'm mostly curious about my heater. It's an older Raypak 350k BTU gas, RP2100. I don't know if it automatically bypasses itself when it's off and water just flows through the front block thing, or if the water flows through the whole thing. If it doesn't...
  13. W

    Trim tile--can it be repaired after plaster?

    We're building a gunite, in-ground pool and planning to go with a Primera Stone plaster finish. We included trim tile (step and bench edges) in our plans, but now we're being told that if we do that, there is no way to repair it down the road without re-plastering that area of the pool. Does...
  14. A

    Pool Leak After Plaster New Build

    So, my new build (owner/builder) was just plastered (Pebble Fina Bella Blue). I specifically asked the Plaster company if they take care of the drains as part of the plaster job and they advised yes. Well, plaster is complete and pool had a leak. Plaster company made me hire a leak detection...
  15. M


    Thank you in advance.
  16. OliviaT

    AquaBrite Eco Finish remodel: $32,000?

    We’re remodeling our 50x15’ 28k gallon pool in Sonoma county, northern CA. The plaster is discolored but otherwise in good shape, making it a good candidate to resurface with AquaBrite Eco Finish. (Liked the smooth surface and easy startup promise.) Our PB finally got the quote back (it took a...
  17. D

    Plaster Polisher Damage

    I just had the plaster installed on my new build pool this past Tuesday with Wet Edge Altima Gray. On Wednesday and Thursday, another crew came to polish the plaster then acid wash and power wash. It’s look and feels good. One of the polishers said that in one small area on one of the wall...
  18. K

    Where to get DiamondBrite Samples?

    I see I can get an entire set of them on their website, but I don't need either an entire sample of 12 colors, or a set of 6 of the same color, although I can do the 12 if I have to. I think we're leaning towards Aqua Blue, but wouldn't mind samples of the rest of the untinted blues. Locally is...
  19. D

    New Plaster - Acid Recommendation

    Hi all, I just had my pool resurfaced with Noble's Designer Series aggregate (Marina Cay). The guy who did the job (the boss) recommended that I put 4 gallons of muriatic acid in right away, and brush it very well, 2+ times a day. I was planning to brush, and I was planning to generally follow...
  20. dclynds

    Help With Sequestering Agent

    Hello TFPers, Can someone help me outright or point me to a guide on which Sequestering agent to use for which metal problem with respect to pool finish? I need to do an ascorbic acid treatment to get rid of some pale-brownish stains that are cropping up in my pool (confirmed not algae) and I...
  21. A

    Switch to main drain?

    Hi everyone! I recently got my pool replastered and am going through the startup process myself. The directions from the plaster guy say if there's a bunch of debris, to switch to the main drain. Problem is, I have no idea how to do that. Thanks in advance!
  22. ajcadoo

    Hybrid Pool Leak with Photos and Video - ANY HELP MUCH APPRECIATED!

    Hey y'all, Grew up with a pool so know basics but just bought a house with a neglected hybrid pool (concrete bottom/fiberglass walls). Seller disclosed a "$1k leak coming from the steps" but I am doing due diligence to ensure everything is good. What I've done so far: Drained algae-infested...
  23. D

    Streaks/marks in new plaster job

    Hey all, just got my pool replastered (standard white plaster) and am noticing some streaks/marks near the deep end after about 3 days. I can't tell whether these are just darkened streaks or actual variations in thickness from troweling (see photo). I've balanced the pool to proper pH, and have...
  24. M

    Concrete Block Plan - Please Critique!

    I know this is a perennial topic on the website. I'm considering building a small CMU-based semi-inground pool, for several reasons: Gunite/shotcrete (along with virtually all other poolbuilding-related trades or subcontractors), in my area, seems to be extremely locked down by professional...
  25. L

    When do they Acid wash after fresh plaster in new pool

    I’m curious how long they wait before acid washing after they plaster a brand new pool. Finish is NPT Quartzscape. Is it same day after so many hours? Next day? thanks.
  26. M

    Question on Quartz pool finish

    Hi All, Our pool says we will be plastering the pool this Friday. We are doing KrystalKrete Quartz - Verde Color. The pool builder gave us a option to either leave it smooth with some of the quartz aggregate and color stones we are adding somewhat coming through but he says it would be...
  27. Teddyadams

    Cleaning the surface of a neglected pool

    Hello, I bought my house with its neglected pool last year and had fix a lot of plumbing and mechanical issues, and now I need to clean or refinish the surface and I need some advice. Judging by the looks of it I assumed that I was going to have to refinish the pool, it is pebble tec (I think)...
  28. K

    Abalone Shells with QuartzScapes?

    Hello everyone, I am super new to all this. I am scheduled to get QuartzScapes Barbados Blue tomorrow. I you originally asked for the Reflections but the builder is saying they are out. He is offering to put abalone shells or Puerto Rico blend instead. I have seen those two options in the...
  29. D

    New pool questions

    I just bought a house that has a pool that’s about a year old. 1. The Calcium Hardness is about 650 and the water used to fill the pool has a CH of 150. I drained a large amount of water due to rain and it didn’t drop the CH levels. Could the CH levels be related to leaching from the pool...
  30. A

    Pool Finish-Please help with pictures, if any

    Hi all, We are having a hard time deciding on our pool finish, and finding pictures of our options online has not been easy. Our pool builder uses Florida Stucco. Silver Pearl comes standard, but we are also considering Aqua Pearl, Bay Pearl, or Blue Breeze. If you have any pictures of these...